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The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by strangekin, Apr 29, 2020.

  1. Okay you ate this I have to admit.

    Jennie is fucking vile some of the posts made me so uncomfortable, she needs to be removed from the show. Also I'm now convinced Mary is in fact Jesus' bestie cause how the hell does every tongue that go against her, fall? She's incredible.
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  2. Um...

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  3. I know we aren't questioning Lesus' political affiliations when only someone left-leaning would be that openly supportive of the LGBTQ+ community as she has said!
  4. I'm shaking... the Cosby Curse is real.. look how all the girls who tried Mary are not doing well...

    Jen Shah: Came for Mary throughout season 1 = is going to prison.

    Lisa: Spent the current season digging up dirt on Mary = allegations that she cheated on John come to light.

    Whitney: Didn't pick up the phone when Mary called her = Justin is getting sued. Wild Rose business flops.

    Jennie: Snapped at Mary on the mountain = is exposed as being pro Trump, pro guns, anti vax and anti BLM, career in shambles.

    Heather: Accuses everyone of being scared of Mary = becomes a bore and loses fan fave status.

    Which one of us is next???
  5. Jennie’s husband is a doctor. She’s anti vaxx. I’m sure her husband is too. Let that sink in.

    I am also quite sure the producers clocked Lisa’s
    Jennie’s table in that shot but wanted the audience to figure it. That’s good work.
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  6. *Jennie's table. This was her first scene when Lisa visited with her son.
  7. Also, besties so we are back to stanning Mary and Jen (after her last amazing showing in that latest episode), right?

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  8. [​IMG]
    OH MY GODDDDD JENNIE IS HORRIFIC. I thought it was Lisa’s house. I-
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  9. I never left the Mary & Jen Scamming Agency Fan Club.
  10. As if it couldn’t get any worse for this cast:

  11. He’s a chiropractor which isn’t a real doctor nn.

    Jennie being a Republican wouldn’t have been a shock to me but the extent of her racism is wild. I don’t watch Housewives expecting to see good morals but I at least expect Bravo to sniff out violent racism. Then again, some of the behind the scenes tea of what Kelly Dodd was doing + them covering for Ramona continuously, and the way the Black women on the network get treated, I guess I can’t be that surprised.
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  12. Fighting on a television show with a castmate, accusing them of using racist language, all the while leaving THESE posts up on their social media accounts?! She's racist AND stupid.

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  14. This pic was totally giving…

    “That’s your NORMAL behavior? Eurgh…”

  15. Almost each episode just explodes and changes how each women is seen, except Heather...

    I'm having such bad week at work, it's because I joked about Mary and she sent Jesus after me.
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  16. Wait WHAT?!?
  17. Girl, where have you been? It was all over Reddit and Twitter around the same time that news of Meredith and Jen sharing the same man came to light. Allegedly, Lisa got the footage pulled or something to that effect. Though there's some suggestion this may come to light in the coming episodes.
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  18. Typing “Lisa Barlow cheating” into Twitter and Reddit yields virtually nothing so this sounds like fake news to me! Lisa would never cheat on JB HUSBAND BOSS.
  19. Girls...
    She still doubled-down on the slanted eyes comment and didn't show up for the reunion. Let's not.
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  20. FUCK.

    It's really bad... I guess as shooting has just started they can still probably rescind her contract and not have her on Season 3 at all.
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