The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

I'm shaking... the Cosby Curse is real.. look how all the girls who tried Mary are not doing well...

Jen Shah: Came for Mary throughout season 1 = is going to prison.

Lisa: Spent the current season digging up dirt on Mary = allegations that she cheated on John come to light.

Whitney: Didn't pick up the phone when Mary called her = Justin is getting sued. Wild Rose business flops.

Jennie: Snapped at Mary on the mountain = is exposed as being pro Trump, pro guns, anti vax and anti BLM, career in shambles.

Heather: Accuses everyone of being scared of Mary = becomes a bore and loses fan fave status.

Which one of us is next???
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Don't think we're not looking at her little cast mates staying silent as well.
The way they'll treat this I feel will be very different from the onslaught Mary got. Since filming has started, I'm curious if Bravo will quietly phase Jennie out, or just keep going, let her go on an apology tour and brush it under the rug.
Meredith just posted on Twitter that the ladies are being blocked from commenting, but she has a lot to say when allowed. She also tweeted the word "vile."

I wonder what's going on behind the scenes.
The post must have already been deleted as I can only see the “vile” tweet?
“And i will”