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The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by strangekin, Apr 29, 2020.

  2. Can we towk abaht the hunnndreds of laives she's roooined?!!
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  3. Her confessionals about Meredith have been the comedic high points of the season for me. The federal government? #notbabygorgeous
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  4. If Meredith says "traumatised" even ONE time during season 3 I will personally send threatening messages to Brooks Marks.
  5. But then she will just say it more.
  6. Meredith kind of served. I need her to stop the word using trauma.
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  7. TV Deets is very reliable with breaking stories, so this is likely true.
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  8. I really hope Mary is a Friend Of next season, I don’t think she interacts with the cast enough to warrant holding a snowflake.
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  9. They better decimate her.
  10. The better (but still a criminal ddd) Jen speaks out.

  11. We love a moral queen!
  12. Send Jennie to jail instead!
  13. I’m glad Jen pointed out that her apology was pure catshit. To say she was condemning violence while calling on violence against Black people made it worse. It was such a non-apology apology. It’s just like on WWHL when she refused to address the blaccent comments. She has such a distain for Black people that she can’t even apologize!

    Lisa’s comments also made me very curious. It sounds like they may film something else because she seemed to suggest they aren’t waiting until season 3 to address it.
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  14. It almost makes me wonder if they're doing an addendum to the reunion addressing this, like via Zoom.
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  15. Lisa is on Watch What Happens Live on Sunday so I'm guessing that might be it.

    Jennie doesn't deserve a paycheck but if Season 3 is kicking off with them annihilating her... I reiterate, this show is something else.
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  16. Maybe part of the extension of the reunion is Andy sitting down for a one on one with Mary?

    I still have some hope she will return next season, her story is too interesting to be cut short.
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  17. Imagine being on a season with a cult leader and a soon to be convicted fraudster, and still being the villain
    I mean wow, that's a racist talent for sure.

    Also starting a petition to have Meredith's other son appear in Season 3
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  18. In the chaos, I feel this was missed and I’m not sure if it was posted:

    I found it very interesting and nothing like I expected. Both parents say Mary was groomed by Robert from a young age and was forced into the relationship. They believe the church is run like a cult, but Robert Sr is the one running it. Mary’s mom doesn’t blame Mary for what’s happening and loves her. The reason they don’t have a relationship is because Robert Sr won’t allow Mary to see them.

    It was sad, because this is what I figured, but I feel people got lost in the funny of “she’s married to her grandpa” and overlooked that she is clearly a victim of abuse. I hope one day Mary is able to get out of this marriage.
  19. Just finding out about all this horrible Jennie news, what the actual fuck?
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