The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

It was sad, because this is what I figured, but I feel people got lost in the funny of “she’s married to her grandpa” and overlooked that she is clearly a victim of abuse. I hope one day Mary is able to get out of this marriage.
I strongly agree!. On Part 2 of the Reunion when she explained the circumstances to her marriage and she said "You can't go through a marriage for 22 years" (I'm unsure if she wanted to say 'unhappy'?) and then she bursts into tears when telling, how Robert Sr bought her all these expensive things and she's got everythings she has from him -- that felt so dark, like she's stuck in this. And when she said "Marriages are hard. They're horrible. And I have a beautiful one." I did not believe her at all. It seemed like something she keeps telling herself to convince herself.
Screenshots have surfaced where someone DMed Jen Shah saying "jen are you coming backc next season?! I see bravi is casting more SLC wives" and Jen's response was "I was until I posted tonight regarding Jennie's anti BLM posts." This is supported by the fact that Jen removed SLC from her IG bio (I know the dolls do that regularly while contract negotiations are up in the air, but since they've already started filming S3...)

If that is the case and Bravo fired her for speaking out -- well that is beyond fucked.
A source told one of the reputable Bravo stan accounts that things are a mess behind the scenes. I can only assume that a decision is being made on whether or not Jennie should be fired and then subsequently, if filming should be pushed back a few weeks. Which then potentially messes up how many weeks Jen will be able to properly film with the women before she's due in court.

My guess is the network are preparing a statement and it will be timed with Lisa's WWHL appearance on Monday.
Bravo is T R A S H.

Let’s vilify the black Housewives for their racial insensitivities but the white housewives and housewives of other ethnicities? NAH.

oh and for y’all hoping Lisa isn’t trash? She donates to Ted Cruz, so.
This is a TMZ reporter with rock solid scoops:

That is very sad. I don’t know what Bravo is thinking.

Oh pls Bravo won’t get rid of Jen cause she’s the Erika/Teresa of RHOSLC. She’s gonna bring the STORY. But yes Bravo is trash for even trying to threaten her with this.