The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

Jennie really didn't lie when she said "I have plenty of everything, including opinions" huh.
Bravo need to be consistent, if they fire multiple people from Vanderpump Rules for tweets they made when they were 12, how can they justify keeping Jennie who only made the offensive comments a few months before she started filming. I hope this is true about Jen not being fired.

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So is Heather going to receive the same retribution from Bravo that Jen did for calling out a fellow cast member? Sure, she wasn't as specific, but it's clear who she was talking about.

Season 3 should start with a metaphorical pyre burning of Jennie. Obviously white people being racist is abhorrent (tho somewhat expected, unfortunately), but people of color being blatantly racist towards those who are fighting the same battle feels particularly insidious. ESPECIALLY during a time of anti-asian rhetoric that was peddled by the same monster that Jennie has laid her future life out on the line for.

Jennie is a disgusting human being.
It’s weird to me that they’re going to use this as a storyline to kick off season 3, it's a bad look for the show and drags it into Dallas territory. I can't get my head around the idea that they'll film some sit down where the cast go at her and.. then what? A month or two later they're all having a good time on a cast trip? It doesn't make sense. I can't see Jen Shah, Meredith etc wanting to film with her long term.

Best case scenario at this point is they've filmed a group sit down where her statements are discussed and it ends with her leaving the group (the show) after episode one. Episode two being the proper kick off for the season where we meet the new cast members.
Coming to this thread to read up on the ladies and discover Jennie is a racist.
So revolting. She should be ashamed.
I just want someone else to raise her bright intelligent daughter and other kids before Jennie and her racist unvaxxed hubby turn them into right wing Trump supporting sickos.