The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

Meredith is just tweeting snakes on twitter. (Mostly the same picture over and over.) I love Meredith and I'm scared. Meredith/Lisa is definitely over. That hot mic moment in the preview for the episode.

I genuinely think that was the best episode of this show yet.

I'm a little Barlow as much as anyone but her response to Jennie's Facebook posts on WWHL was weak and terrible.
I need to humble myself and admit @LetsGetToIt was right all along. Queen had Jennie's number from the JUMP. Sincerely sorry for not believing you sooner sis!

The forrem Alison Dubois

Thank you. I really appreciate this.

The absolute EMBARRASSING way they “addressed” Jennie’s FB on WWHL. A bunch of fucking wimps.

I’m speechless at how they handled it. I feel like this silence was to juice the WWHL ratings. That should tell you how they’ll handle this going forward.
Someone told me they believe that this WWHL was filmed last Wednesday. I can't confirm. I hope the lack of time between the posts coming out and the filming is the reason for Lisa's extremely weak response. Really bad look on WWHL's part (and Lisa's still, but)...
Meredith going full on mental breakdown in the morning and then being a delight by the evening, the whiplash! Lisa also inadvertently revealed what happens next week re: the scene with her and Heather discussing the memorial for Meredith's father on WWHL.
This is my favourite housewives season since potomac season 4. Every episode since the Italian cooking class episode has fired on all cylinders, I’m always at the edge of my seat!
I would agree if Potomac season 6 and RHONJ season 11 didn't hit all of the right Housewives comedy buttons for me. Both of those are all-time favorite seasons for me. RHOSLC season 2 has certainly been exceptional during its second half.
It took a minute for the season to find its footing but yes, since episode 9 it's been near-perfect. Last night's episode was possibly my favourite so far, it had the perfect mixture of everything. It's also nice to see them getting on for a change!!

Lisa's much hyped response on WWHL was bullshit, as was Andy sitting there not saying anything? It's still bizarre the network have yet to comment. They had a statement up within hours after Kenya's Native American costume, she also apologised on three different occasions. If they're really going to exploit this for "entertainment" then they've truly lost it.

Thankfully the fanbase seem virtually united on this and Andy & Bravo's social media accounts can't post without getting their asses lit up.
So ... I just have to ask ...

Is there any chance that Jen is innocent? Because I really don't want her gone from the show and I kind of want to stan in an unironic way after this season.
The federal government usually doesn't go after someone unless there's a strong degree of certainty. Their successful prosecution rate is terrifyingly high, and even moreso with the state of New York. Both the state and federal governments being involved paints a grim outlook.

She could argue that she was just providing client information and that she had no idea what was being done with the information. However, it seems to [allegedly] be her actual voice on the voicemail messages about student loan payments, so this is probably going to be a hard argument for her attorneys to make.

I'd say she's a goner. However, I have been stanning her this season for the comedic excellence.
Jen is 100% going to prison. I hope Lisa goes full “clink clink” with her if Jen keeps trying to force a feud.
The best thing about this episode is that it ironically might be the first time that they've truly felt like friends. Even Mary was laughing with them at the house party!

It gives a nice balance to the usual pure hatred and tension there always is and shows that there's actual care and fun between the women, that they're not just realty co-stars. Even if it's just for 5 minutes.

Meredith (who re-ascended to god-tier Housewife) waking up and choosing chaos when not even the Nespresso machine had even had the chance to pour one coffee out for the ladies... what a woman.