The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

Not “N Nice”

Mary's seemingly random hatred for Jennie's entire existence all season came across very differently this episode didn't it. If she really isn't coming back in any capacity I think that magical SLC tone will suffer a lot, her very specific brand of incredibly hostile / vulnerable / tragic / irreverent feels like an important core to the show in a strange way.

Meredith and Lisa are both, absolutely, God-tier housewives.
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Meredith vs Lisa is going to be strange to watch, since, with Mary gone, Meredith has no allies left. Lisa doesn't either unless she puts her babygorgeous spell on Bad Weather so that they'll be her soldiers.

Watching Whitney take up residence in Lisa's ass is going to be delicious. Also hoping for a crack in The Cousins' alliance if Lisa taps the LittleGhurrl as her next minion but still leaves Heather to rot.