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The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by strangekin, Apr 29, 2020.

  1. The M&Ms LOST!
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  3. I have a question. Was Heather’s step-granddaddy comment to Mary to her face or was it just edited that way? On rewatch it looks like she’s looking in Jen’s direction.
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  4. The gaggle of gays chanting Lisa's name efrghsgrfesgdnhmc

    Heather could never!
  5. Remember Mary asking Jen if she wanted to WhOOp mY BuTT?
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  6. Whoo this episode is coming in hot!
  7. Within 5 minutes we had Lisa waving around a hair dryer yelling "I AM RICHER THAN ALL OF YOU" and Mary saying Heather looks inbred. This season refuses to let up.
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  8. This trip with all the drama and them in the same house feels like The Real Housewives: Bad Girls Club. Waiting for someone’s mattress to get thrown in the pool.
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  9. Whitney is such a loser.
  10. Mary looking Whitney up and down as she walked by and saying "........women".

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  11. She solidified herself as maybe my favorite of the season with that line.
  12. Jen sitting in Mary’s church looking like Nicole Scherzinger’s aunt and not know what the fuck is going on is sending me.
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  13. I can't believe we have an episode where Mary is the most level headed and rational of the cast. I can't believe how deranged Whitney has become. I can't believe what an icon Meredith is. I can't believe this amazing tweet by Lisa Barlow.

  14. Jen's faces lfkngkdl. Whichever producer conned Mary into inviting her deserves a bonus.

    Another deranged episode from the world's most toxic cast. I don't remember the last time a Housewives season was this good.
  15. Meredith rode back in the van and then they showed no footage because it was probably so quiet you could hear a pin drop. It felt like they had so much material for this episode they would've needed to make it double long to really fit it all.
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  16. Between the look to Whitney, plunking Lisa into cooking for her family and this moment? Mary won this episode! I literally was screaming laughing!

  17. It was funny, but I'm not sure someone who married their step Grandfather should be making jokes about inbreeding...
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