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The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by strangekin, Apr 29, 2020.

  1. I'm questioning my moral compass because I honestly want Jen to be exonerated nn. Is stealing money for designer clothes and wigs so bad? I'd take that over yachts and hookers and whatever else men do.
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  2. We all clowned on Jen for acting like an iconic Housewife in season 1 and saying shit like "teresa flipped a table so jen could run" etc. but low and behold she actually became a legendary Housewife! I've loved everything about her this season. Yes, everything.
  3. I've been a Little Shamazer since the start, so don't lump me in with you lot.
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  4. Naur she was way too much last season but she reined it in perfectly this season. Also, so much more self-aware (minus the innocent stuff nn).
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  5. Yeah, I don’t know what it says about me that I really want her to be innocent because girlfriend has been iconic this season.
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  6. Look, if she got the bag from draining the bank accounts of elderly Trumpies when she's made her own political stance clear then I kinda don't see the problem since Dump was already doing it to them dd.
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  7. I choose to believe that this is all Stuart's fault.
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  8. A modern day Robin Hood? More likely than you think!
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  9. I have randomly watched the Zion trip in its entirety, and I HAVE to start to watch this.

    I am OBSESSED with Meredith, and while I really have some feelings about Mary's cult stuff, the way she absolutely don't give two damns about the other castmates bar Meredith is hilarious, my dream team!
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  10. Lisa playing Honey (Bad Boy Remix) on her insta story?! Barlegend CONFIRMED.
  11. Lisa flopping already.
  12. I feel like I could watch Lisa and Heather bicker for hours. Heather takes any shot at Lisa no matter how related or unrelated. It's so funny.
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  13. Oof, they should have removed this segment.
  14. The linger on Jennie after she says "everyone is capable of being racist" ... I screamed.
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  15. Might as well have edited it with the Seinfeld music

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  16. Reunion Heather is my favorite Heather. It's amazing to watch her be a disaster and completely lose the plot because she's so bad at it!!
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  17. Idk, Heather is kind of eating for me. It’s all bullshit and she’s annoying as hell but she won’t let fake ass Lisa get a word in and I love that for me.

    Meredith and Jen are the only ones to be trusted on these couches.
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  18. "Eating" isn't the word I would use for reunion Heather but I love watching it! She's so awkwardly obsessed with Lisa!
  19. This is a good part 1. We will see if they can keep it up. Jennie’s segment felt so odd still being included.
  20. Scream at Angie getting a mention within the first 20 minutes, shit-stirring from off camera to try and get a spot in Season 3.
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