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The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by strangekin, Apr 29, 2020.

  1. For a reunion that looked like it was going to fall flat from the trailer, the first part was a bit of a serve. I just cannot get over how much these women all hate each other. Just like a vat of dark, negative chemistry together.
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  2. [​IMG]

    I'm gonna puke SAJFBSfsfaf
  3. Uno


    But based off that text, wouldn't it have been Angie calling Heather the Lego and not Lisa?
  4. "Lisa did it surprise you to see Meredith so tolerant of Mary's ignorance?"

    Lisa: "That's a great question. Let me think how I'm gonna answer this."

    Jen: "'s yes or no".

    I'm gonna miss Jen so much, she's been stellar this season, felon queen!
  5. I thought that was a really solid part one! Highlights for me were;

    - Mother Marks breaking down and opening up about how difficult 2021 was for her. It was clear that Meredith was different this year and it was a rare moment of vulnerability that we don't get to see from her very often. I found it to be very moving!
    - Everyone vs Lisa. I stan Lisa but I love everyone ganging up on her, it's just too entertaining to watch.
    - I'm in the minority but I stan reunion Heather. She lets the mask slip for a few hours and it's great to see. Obsessed with how hard she tries to push Lisa into a corner.
    - Meredith dragging Jennie point by point, the latter had nothing to say once she was done!
    - Jen Shah in general.
    - Stangie getting a mention, just give her Jennie's snowflake already!!
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  6. I haven’t watched yet but I agree with everything that’s been said.
  7. Ok but I need to know more about Angie's alluded wealth and bougie lifestyle as described by Heather.
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  8. "You called me a Lego figurine" I'm sorry but lfngdklfghqkmrs
  9. It was a screenshot of the text Lisa sent Angie. Lisa sent the photo thus her text being in grey.

    Tamra is an idiot. Lisa is not a good pot stirrer because she doesn’t own up to it. Good pot stirrers are Tamra and Dorinda because they double down on their bullshit.

    Lisa goes on a seven minute rant about how Meredith’s vagina is the Holland Tunnel then wants to cry that production set her up when she knew she was mic’d up and with a producer in the damn room.

    I don’t know how y’all stan this woman. I want to push her down a flight of stairs every single time she gets caught in a lie and then starts screaming and crying because “they’re attacking my character!”
  10. Underrated highlight of the reunion is Meredith using the word "verklempt".'s Word of the Day refuses to let up!

    Part 1 was really good. I love my mother but Lisa getting put in the hot seat is giving us endless entertainment. I'm also enjoying Heather attempting to go in. She gets dragged for being boring but when she actually engages, she feels important to the cast dynamic. She better step it up next season.
  11. That's part of the humor of it all! Why does she need to own to it? It's funny watching her stir things up then pretend to be innocent! Accountability is not something I need at all to be entertained by this show. Also, to be very fair to Lisa, I don't think she did much pot stirring at all the second half of the season as much as Bad Weather was just twisting everything Lisa said to keep her in the center of the drama. I also completely believe Lisa's rant was done out of intense frustration without thinking about the microphone on her and without thinking they would air it.

    I'm not going to pretend that Lisa is an innocent victim at all, but I think she's not AS calculated as people think. (But of course she often is calculated and guilty of stirring the pot!)
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  12. A dissolution of Heather and Whitney's relationship for S3, please. The mess it would bring.
  13. Heather calling Mary's reads "on the money"...did she forget when she called her inbred and chubby dfghfsdfagdhfdrser
  14. Did anyone else find it weird that Meredith had a near breakdown at the end of the couch and the women just sat there like..
  15. It is a screenshot from Lisa’s phone. You can see Angie is the contact, so the grey messages are hers. Lisa’s messages would be blue or green. Just Heather lying on Lisa’s name as usual.
  16. Or the most damning: 'the snobbishness of a true Mormon'!
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  17. Upon further review, my highlight of Part 1 was Mother Markster providing Jennie an itemized list of all the times she had her fucked up this season and then pulling out yet another example when all Jennie could respond with was "Are you done?"

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  18. Agreed. That happens a lot on Housewives, where Housewife A will be like "You have said so many rotten things about me!" Housewife B will be like "No I haven't! Name 1." And Housewife A will be like "All season ... just, so many horrible things." Meredith pulled out the receipts and didn't need a binder of size 45 font text message print outs to support her cause!
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  19. Meredith immediately apologising to Jen, explaining in detail what she was dealing with behind the scenes and picking [redacted's] petals off one by one while retaining her Elyse Slayne style of vernacular is why she won part 1 of the reunion. We stan an intelligent and articulate wordsmith!!

    In all seriousness, one thing I love about Meredith is that she deals with truths and facts only, rather than sitting around theorising and stirring shit that's not even there like Bad Weather and [redacted].
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