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The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by strangekin, Apr 29, 2020.

  1. It looks like the new season is arriving sooner than we think! New cast photos (as well as the group shot) were taken yesterday and everyone was present including Danna, Angie K and Angie Harrington. I'm starting to wonder if we're in for 8 snowflake holders as it's rare that friends get a solo shot of themselves unless it's Beverly Hills.
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  2. My gut feeling is that SLC & Potomac will switch places this year with SLC in July/August & Potomac in September/October. The latter got a late start on filming so it makes sense.
  3. I agree. I also get the impression that Salt Lake City is the new favourite over at Bravo (Potomac too), nothing to back this up just a vibe I'm getting lately. Andy seems to really love this group of women.
  4. I’m hopeful they go big with the cast. With Mary gone and Whitney and Heather being…Whitney and Heather, they need more personalities. As great as Meredith, Jen and Lisa are, the three of them can’t carry an ensemble show.
  5. (I thought she was Gina at first.)

  6. [​IMG]
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  7. I notice Jen Shah, Angie Harrington and Meredith are all very friendly with each other on Instagram. We’re in for a Lisa take down season, I fear. With only Whitney thee Wild Rose as her ally nn.
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  9. I'm ready for the new girlies to make EX-MORMON Heather and Whitney irrelevant.
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  10. If both of the hamsters in Whitney's head can stay on their wheels, a Baby Gorgeous alliance would be most pleasing to me.

  11. I’m into the concept of Meredith and Angie Del Paulson as a power duo.
  12. Brown Wind sure is good at hanging around like a bad smell. Mistress Marks, Marge and Sarah Paulson? Now that’s a trio I approve of. And in the name of equality!

    It’s always such a kii that I can never tell where Meredith ends and the filter begins, but she looks stun regardless! I bumped into her in West Hollywood a few months ago and was genuinely more starstruck than when I ran into Jennifer Aniston dd.
  13. Jen, Meredith and Angie Harrington were pictured filming together recently in a restaurant as well, must have been just before the finale. Lisa knowing her three enemies are teaming up together is gonna send her spiralling. Bring on the mess!
  14. Give us 8 Housewives, Bravo you Pussies
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  15. Fucking screaming at via:AngieHarringtonFans on Instagram. Which one of you f-words made a fan page for a woman who appeared in 2.5 episodes last season…
  16. [​IMG]
    We stan characters whomst appeared in 2.5 scenes in here
  17. Oh for sure, there’s definitely a rhëyfromibiza fan page out there somewhere..
  18. I think we're all AngieHarringtonFans. Some of us are just more brave than others.
  19. I know it's only been a few months since the reunion but..... I WANT THEM BACK ALREADY!!!!1
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  20. Uno


    Do we have an estimated time til it returns? I miss Mother Mer.
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