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The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by strangekin, Apr 29, 2020.

  1. She's right and she should say it!
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  2. Not really, it is a very sanitised, kiss ass interview, but I thought some people may want to see it.

    Part two:
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  3. Supposedly the alliances have changed again.

    After Lisa Barlow tweeted something about "miserable fucks" apparently Heather, Meredith, Jens Shah and Angie Harrington were claiming that 'title' for themselves in their Instagram stories, so it's supposedly them against La Barlow, Whitney and the two newbies Angie2 and Danna for Season 3.

    I hope this is true. Can't wait to see the Bad Weather fall out then... I miss these women on my screen really.

  4. I miss all of them and their chaotic evil. Intrigued to see if Bad Weather do get split, or if they manage to retain their relationship despite being on opposite warring factions.

    I'm very intrigued about this season, given things pivoted twice after a) Jennie was fired and b) Jen's trial was pushed back. Will Jennie be in any of the episodes? They'd be smart to steer away from Jen's legal woes being the *main* storyline since the trial doesn't happen during filming, save that for the reunion/season 4. Hopefully we're getting a lot of new content via the new girls so that when Jen does leave there's enough going on without her.

  5. SCREAM at Jen’s hashtags going after Lisa’s Ted Cruz donations during Pride Month.

    How do I testify as a character witness next month!!!
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  6. I need my Pyramid Scheme aunties back. How do we get Lisa Rinna to serve Jen Shah's prison time?
  7. A Bad Weather fallout???? The toxicity in this group needs to be studied.
  8. I hated Heather last season but if she’s defecting from Whitney and aligning with Meredith, Jen, and Angie H…that’s kind of my dream team.
  9. I also just want to make sure the iconic Tweet is added here, because it is pop icon history.

  10. Baby Gorgeous? TIRED.

    Miserable Fucks? WIRED.
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  11. Lisa becoming friends with Whitney.... msjuicyshakingheadindisgust.gif
  12. Lisa & Meredith truly becoming Bethenny & Jill 2.0... nothing could please me more.
  13. I'm literally on Jen Shah's side more than anyone and I love that about me!!
  14. another one in the basket

  15. Heather, Meredith, Angie Harrington and Jen Shah are re-posting a picture of the 4 of them out til 3:30am last night. Looks like there's definitely going to be two teams this season.

    Willing to bet Whitney will do anything Lisa tells her because she's desperate for her approval nn.
  16. This will be an incredible season I can feel it!
  17. Need to know if Angie Harrington got a snowflake of if she'll be the new desperate friend-of.
    Here for either.
  18. Can't wait till Angie Paulson's QAnon past comes to light next season and I feel vindicated

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  19. Here for a Whitney take down season. It's time.
  20. Yaaasss a season with LiTtLe GiRL as the punching bag would be delicious!

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