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The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by strangekin, Apr 29, 2020.

  1. Me deleting my previous Whitney shitposts in preparation for my induction to Whisa Nation

  2. Bravo and Cocktails posted some teasers/rumors for the new season:

    - August premiere
    - Five official cast members (Jen, Meredith, Lisa, Whitney, Heather)
    - nuAngie will be an official friend with cast photo. Sarah Paulson Angie and Danna will be guests.
    - Early episodes will feature Jennie and Mary's storyline is wrapped up in early episodes (without Mary)
    - Whitney has a very difficult season
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  3. Five Housewives? After RHOA 13 and RHONY 13? One Friend Of?

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  4. Maybe they're scrimping on the Full Time HW coins and funneling some of it into Jen's defence pot
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  5. To be fair, from all the rumors, they did try various women to have a larger cast, they just couldn't find anybody interesting enough. In addition to the three friends we'll see, there was another girl they tested who didn't work out.

    Many thought Danna would be a HW, but Jen has been hinting she has a race related fight with her, so I'm guessing that ended her snowflake chances.
  6. I'm suddenly concerned about this season unless it's a situation where somebody new IS full time but they couldn't show enough of her life & had to demote her. It sounds like drama is going down though so maybe I'm being dramatic.
  7. Has there ever been a good season of a Housewives show with only 5 cast members?
  8. [​IMG]
  9. The ‘article’ describes Angie H and Danna as guests but compares their roles to Kim D and Kim G in Jersey and says that Angie H will have confessionals, so it sounds like there is basically going to be 8 cast members even if only the 5 remaining OGs are full time. I think it can work, but it’s a little strange we went from thinking we were getting 7 snowflakes plus Angie H as a friend to 5 snowflakes and 1 newbie as an official friend.
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  10. I mean normally I would be concerned but let’s remember who we’re dealing with here. Season 2 will be preserved in the National Library of Faggotry and Mess. It’s an all time great Housewives entry.
    Lisa and Meredith could find a way to be chaotic in an empty room, Jen will be performing like the rent is due and Whitney Wild Rose has developed a knack for orchestrating mess at the right moments - See Zion trip.
  11. I don't think this can be compared to late stage RHOA & RHONY at all. There's still so much life in the existing dynamics. With the massive shift in allegiances between the ladies, all things point to a great season.

    I'd rather a small cast than them handing out HW slots to the undeserving.
  12. Uno


    I absolutely hate the idea of only 5 main cast members. All of the Instagram stuff the girls have been posting made it seem like we were getting 7 or 8. It's wild that none of the half-dozen new girls made the cut as a main.
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  13. It's probably the tequila but I SCREAMED.

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  14. This is genius.
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  15. I can now say with 100% certainty that it’s him.
  16. Did you ask him to slap you and call you a sissy bitch?
  17. I did and he did(n’t). Hopefully next time. I see him there literally like 4x a week dddd.
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  18. Is there an official countdown to the Trial of The Century™️? I thought July but can't remember if we have a Shah-pecific date.
  19. I hope there's a live stream.
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