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The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by strangekin, Apr 29, 2020.

  1. Remember when we thought we’d have no Housewives due to Covid and now the trailers just flying in. Our problematic queens won’t let a pandemic stand in the way. I appreciate that.
  2. Reminder that Housewife Whitney Rose and her husband are ~allegedly~ MLMers:

    Can't wait!
  3. Well obviously the trailer never came last week buttttt it's definitely coming this week, with a teaser being aired during the Beverly Hills reunion. Bravo knows that their highest-rated and publicly-adored Housewives will bring in the viewers for SLC!
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  4. Thank god they’re airing it during BH for promo. Otherwise hundreds of thousands of people would miss the trailer if they aired it during Row-Knee tee hee.
  5. And the Karens who watch BH religiously are the PERFECTLY gullible victims for an essential oils MLM! It really does work out fantastically!
  6. He he I didn’t want to start a war in yet another thread but here we are.

    In awl sincerity though, it is weird that - given how close to BH ending SLC will air - that they didn’t piggyback the first few eps off of the BH reunion. Would have been a killer lead in and I thought that was one of the reasons for delaying BH in the first place.
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  7. You start battles, Honey, you’ll never win the war

    (I think with some adaptating, I’ve found my upgraded-to-housewife in my second season tagline...)
  8. I think mine now is Just because I'm a Pressed Panini...doesn't mean you can imPRESS ME.
  9. They might start the battles, but Honey, I'll always win the war
  10. Now now, don’t forget you’re not long into your Housewives journey.

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  11. Your tagline is BabyDontBelieveWhatYouHearrrrd....I still live in the Villa Blanca dumpster!
  12. Genuinely surprised they're not all white, nn.
  13. Alright ladies, get the salt water taffy ready for 11/11

    Trailer drops today!
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  14. it's here girlies!
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  15. Exciting! The most diverse cast ever, we love to see it!

    Trailer was... whelming but I’m sure we’ll get more teasers in the next two months.

    Bring it on!
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  16. Oh Yes Hens!!!
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  17. That trailer leaned in WAY too much to Mormon of it all.

    Looks alright based on the trailer.

    Just have to remind ourselves they all can't be Potomac straight out of the gate.
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  18. A supersized premiere? 15 extra mins that will be a majority commercials
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  19. I’m screaming girls
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