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The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by strangekin, Apr 29, 2020.

  1. Next week is the usual ‘3 weeks after the previous season gets added to Hulu’ timeframe, so I bet next Tuesday or Wednesday it drops.
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  2. I'm hoping for a good trailer. I really don't expect much out of this season, especially when we consider it will be a season full of Jen playing the victim when we know that isn't the case. As crazy as it may sound, I'm more excited for season four than I am for season three. I feel like this will be dated on arrival. I'm ready to see how they move forward without Jen as their force multiplier.
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  3. We don't have one second of footage from the upcoming season, and you're already doom-mongering?
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  4. I’m not saying it’s going to be terrible, but I’m not excited for it in the way I’m excited to see Potomac or New Jersey, based on what I’ve heard about their filming. I’m taking a wait and see approach.
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  5. I think the season will be good. Not as fantastic as season two, but still a fun ride. I would bet that, once Jen's trial was moved from March to July, which happened in the early weeks of filming, the cast/production would have realised that they can't rely on Jen for the sole storyline. Just like in season two when they focused on Mary's church and Meredith/Lisa for the back-half of the season, I'm sure they (Jen especially) will be going after other people's tea which will make for an enjoyable season.
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  6. fghfgfdadssfdg

  7. The way I forgot what the day that changed the RHOBH useless cast lives? WHAT WAS IT? Erika's divorce? LOL
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  8. No, Denise not turning up to one (1) cast event
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  9. AKPLSDLFFLFJFJFLF I CAN'T. And they spun that for the entire season, fuck this RHOBH flop cast, truly.
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  10. The blogs are saying Season 3 premieres on September 28th.
  11. Yaaasss that means a trailer next week or the week after! When they started filming this in January while season 2 was in its fifth or sixth month of airing I feared overexposure but I think we are ALL thirsty for our favourite Icy Racketeers to return!
  12. I'm ready for more:

    and Deflecting!!
  13. I’m excited to see what face Meredith wears this season
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  14. They better have sent drones across Utah to capture the women's reactions to Jen's plea.
  15. I am HYPED to watch this weekly instead of a year too late.

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  16. Rewatching Season 2 now that it's on Peacock, at Mary's cooking class and I had completely forgotten she tried to get Whitney to basically dress as Britney circa Me Against the Music and then guilted her for not going along with it the second she walked in?? And this was all before she Little Girl'd her.

    I'm so pressed we were robbed of an entire season of Mary dragging Whitney.
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  17. Yup I'm gonna miss Mary too.
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  18. Andy said the trailer is coming soon-"ish" - I guess before the end of the month? Desperate to see Shitney Wilted-Rat getting dragged by Jen and Muva Marks.
  19. Let's not turn this into another Beverly Hills thread with terrible forced nicknames!
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