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The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by strangekin, Apr 29, 2020.

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  2. @lilylu trying to talk sense into the rest of us
  3. The Bravo and Cocktails site said Mary is in early negotiations to return for season four due to Jen’s exit and fan demand. They said they hadn’t posted it, but this tea has been sent in three times over the past few months so they believe it to be true.
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  6. Everything Mary prays for becomes true.
  7. Just in time for Wild Rose Beauty to get raided by the FBI. God's timing is always right.
  8. Not the FBI seizing the negative five dollars in their Wild Rose bank account.
  9. Mary is someone who is a... morally questionable person, but Gosh do I enjoy her! I am finishing season 1 and I am obsessed, her energy is so weird!

  10. Hmm.

    Trailer rumoured to be this week!
  11. The RHOSLC casting instagram announced today they're already casting for season 4. To be starting this early, I don't think they struck gold with any of the newbies, which may explain the rumors none of them got a snowflake, despite filming full time.

    I just hope they don't drag season 3 out. I would cap it around 13 episodes and focus on season 4. That's the season I'm more excited about. I'm ready to put Jen's story to rest and see what a revamped Salt Lake City looks like.
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  12. We don't even have a trailer for the season...!
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  13. Your point? Since when do we not speculate about housewives seasons when they're not in the air? Must be unique to Salt Lake City, because it happens in all the other housewives threads.
  14. It's just that... the only verifiable information we have is that Mary is gone (concerning), there are major shifts in allegiances (most likely will be interesting), and that Jen changes the plea at the last minute, which will probably be hilarious and expose her for what she is after likely a whole season of her falsely screaming about her innocence.

    I don't think there's an issue with you (or anyone) voicing their opinions and concerns about season 3. It will be very hard to follow up season 2. It was amazing! I just think it seems like you already made up your mind based on almost nothing. Calling for the season to be shortened is just bizarre to me when we haven't even seen a second of footage or heard trustworthy information about the plot.
  15. I haven’t made up my mind, I’m just speculating based on stuff that is out there. That’s all we have to go on. I’ve always said that I hope it’s good, as I would for any show I plan on watching. The season was kicked off with the Jennie mess and Mary quitting last minute, then they had casting woes caused by those sudden exits and then you have the Jen mess. That might all end up making great tv or it could be a mess. Who knows?

    And wanting a shorter season is because I think shorter seasons are better, which many housewives fans agree with. I feel like the long 20+ episode seasons should only be for those years you have that extra content. But I love a good 13 episode season because it keeps everything tight and fast paced. A good example would be last season of Beverly Hills which needed the long season, compared to this season where they’d been stretching things out with no story just to reach the final month of filming where everything happened.
  16. I can't believe we still don't have a trailer.

  17. Mother Markster looking 2 years old…I need her back on my screen now @Bravo!!!
  18. I am obsessed with Meredith's constant shape shifting, queen.
  19. Marksists... unite!!!
  20. Uno


    That photo looks like she’s a dummy and Seth is a ventriloquist.
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