The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

Meredith ate this. Little Disengagers put your Xanax prescriptions up!
I found her iconic enough when she did disengage... but now she's activated she might be my favourite out of them all.

I can't wait for her blind loyalty to Jen to go splat back in her face, it's the sort of plot I live for.
Many-FacedGodith Marks

After listening... I'm ready to stan Shitney Thee SweenGer this season! She is totally committed to her role of being a Housewife and that's a great trait. I'm perched for her fallout with Heather (which she says is still not really resolved.)

Also really curious about the newbies. One thing she said right at the end of the episode was that she's expecting 13-15 episodes this season (presumably excluding the reunion) which makes me think they really hit the ground running this year, unlike last season taking 8 weeks to really get going. All killer no filler baby!
We rewatched Cinco de Mayhem/Memorial Meltdown last night after Beverly Hills and besides realizing it may be up there with the two season 4 Potomac episodes, Whitney was also a lot more tolerable than on first watch. Still a cringe little girl who needs to work on her pronunciation! BUT I do think teaming up with Lisa will make her role feel less redundant, and feuding with Heather is actually inspired. I will be tentatively fishing the remnants of my season 1 Wild Rose punch card out of the shredder if this promise is realized.