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The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by strangekin, Apr 29, 2020.


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  2. This is one of the greatest things I've ever seen.

    Also hoping we get another bathtub scene this year!

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  3. Queen.
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  4. It's good to hear Heather mention how they all missed Mary while filming this season in interviews. I think I'm going to miss her a bit as well. It's just... her reads were so lethal and so entertaining. Hopefully they'll bring her back next season.
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  5. Y’all about to stan a Q-adjacent Friend when Covid Dodd was cancelled up and down despite offering 10484928 times more entertaining content?


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  6. [​IMG]
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  7. Since when was Angie Q-Anon? Her politics has always seemed pretty left going off her Instagram. Also we stan Jen Shah! A literal criminal! Get with it, girlie!!
  8. Thinking about everything these women have given us already, that intro made me a wee bit emotional.
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  9. The Q-adjacent friend was a completely different person as far as I remember. (Also most people on Housewives are not really good people so... I think trying to moralize about this show, for the most part, is not worth it.)
  10. Angie H also had Q hashtags in her instagram bio pre-show and it’s alleged that she used her trans child to get on the show despite their request not to be discussed.

    Girl, I know housewives are not moral beacons - I still stan Ramona Singer - but if you’re gonna be morally bankrupt at least be entertaining!

    Re: Sarah Paulson?

    Further proof that all tongues that rise against Lisus Barlegend shall fall! Angie K has potential, I can feel it in my loins coming to snatch the iconic Angie title
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  11. I didn't realize this. Is there a source? I believe you, just curious to see. I remember another friend (Was her name Sara?) being q-adjacent. Could be both. I thought I saw something about her trans child coming out in support of her too, saying she didn't do that? I could be wrong so no one quote me on this!

    I also often remember a tweet being posted here that sourced "angieharringtonfans" on Instagram which is probably my favorite Angie Harrington moment. Her throwing away her friendship with Lisa for attention on a television show gives me hope she can be messy enough to give us something this season.
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  12. Much like a housewife, I don’t fact check sis!

    Just love posting any stale reddit tea to get you girls riled up about your misguided stanning of this woman xo

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  13. Ok but housewives stans targeting trans children to fuel stan wars is *Kelly Bensimon voice* creepy! It’s weird!

    Whitney’s friend from season one (it’s not Sara-Jane either) is the Q-Anon / January 6th girl.
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  14. I’m so excited our moms are back. I’m ready to gain weight and be fed.
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  15. FUCK.

    Not parts of this serving A24 trailer music. I am living!
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  16. Can’t wait to see how many Whitney thee Wild Sweengurgh puns come over the course of the next 18 weeks <3
  17. Shitney Wild Prick better not mess up how iconic Lisa is by being in close proximity of her!! Leave mother alone!
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  19. This is the best show ever produced!!!!
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