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The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by strangekin, Apr 29, 2020.

  1. I am already cackling. RHOBH has been such a flop this season, thank god my messy moms are back.
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  2. Whitney logged onto and quit the church in 3 to 5 business days! Scientologists aren't doing it like her!
  3. Meredith's I Love New York mug! And I saw a hat too in the trailer. Cheeky!
  4. Early thoughts:

    - Meredith has matured into a GREAT housewife. She is out for blood and I’m loving it!

    - Jen’s poor house was really nice. I don’t understand why she couldn’t just live like that and not steal from people.
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  5. Pack it up, Lisa! No one is believing these crocodile tears.
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  6. The premiere was perfect. Meredith is steam pressed and I love her more than ever. Lisa cornering Seth at the party and him looking like he wants to die was a scream.

    Everyone brought a little something. Even Whitney concocting a storyline at the last minute was entertaining. I love my moms.
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  7. I couldn’t stan Angie H anymore after reading this on Reddit.

    r/realhousewives • 7 mo. ago
    Posted by [deleted]
    When Angie and Chris came onto the scene in SLC, their main selling point was

    A) they’re rich asf

    B) they support Trans rights because of Angie’s trans son…. That’s why they threw that massive charity event at their home. But the truth is, Angie doesn’t have an actual relationship with “her” trans son, she’s just using his life story to get a permanent position on Housewives, WITHOUT his permission.

    I don’t want to reveal his name, so we will call him E. E is Chris’s Trans son from his previous marriage. I was close to E. I knew Chris’ ex wife and family. I saw firsthand the devastation when Chris, still married to E’s mom, decided to have an affair with Angie. She knew what he was doing and clearly didn’t have a problem being the other woman.

    Angie has NEVER had a genuine relationship with E, and they do NOT get along. When she began interviewing for a HW position, she apparently started trying to convince E to sign contracts to film and be on the show, for over a year. When E was very uncomfortable and refused, they just used his story anyway. I have never met Angie, but I have met Chris, and he has always been decent to me. I know that he truly does love his son, and means well in everything he does regarding this issue. But allowing Angie to use E’s story for a reality TV show, is pretty low.

    (I have receipts, too. Posted.)

    When Angie tied in the “I left Mormonism because they don’t support LGBTQA+ rights” bullshit I almost DIED. Homegirl hasn’t been an active Mormon in YEARSSS it has absolutely nothing to do with supporting E!!! The way she has been using such a vulnerable and honest story (without permission) to gain sympathy and approval from viewers and production literally made me sick to watch, and I couldn’t handle seeing everyone supporting and loving Angie as a new potential HW. I felt compelled to say something, and I have direct permission from E to share this with all of you. I hope that we can stop supporting a cis, queerbaiting, white woman in this lie…. We love a rich, messy Housewife, but this is NOT the way to do it, girl. Some lines you just don’t cross
  8. This was all discredited by Angie’s step son months back.
  9. Salt Lake City is so iconic the girlies are quarrelling about a demoted Friend Of

    Not every city has that
  10. "I've eaten so much humble pie it's amazing I can fit in this dress."

    What a premiere. It was a bitsy heavy on Bad Weather but knowing the fallout that comes later made it tolerable. I think the highlight might have been Meredith and Seth conspiring together and dragging Lisa/John accompanied by that montage: "John's the BEST because I would never do that for him" I don't remember that moment at all?? Also Jen's entire "I don't get why they took plea deals, I'm NOT taking a plea deal when I'm not guilty" production is going to milk this edit and I cannot wait.

    I'm so glad to have our moms back! Lisa and Whitney were fun on WWHL and I'm kind of living for how the entire friendship is clearly a result of them brainstorming storylines and realizing they were better aligned than opposed.
  11. Mother Barlow’s performance in that final section!!!!!!!
  12. What's so fun about SLC is that the entire cast is experiencing the Vicki Gunvalson journey in front of us. The cuts to the wide-eyed clips from 3 years ago in the intro interspersed with shots of them now with their souls having left their bodies, fully embracing the darkness.

    I love my vile mothers! It feels like RHONJ Season 2 when you really think you may witness a murder on camera.
  13. What's wild to me is that it seems like the only clear alliance at this point is Whitney and Lisa? And it's totally a friendship of convenience? Like, I'm not convinced a single woman here actually likes any other woman in the group. And I love that for me.
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  14. Nevermind then - back to stanning Miss Angie!
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  15. aksosid not the Pinocchio emoji, Meredith came to FIGHT this season!
  16. Meredith is ready to launch nukes at Lisa. They STILL hate each other so we’re gonna get an entire season of this. We’re being fed.
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  17. Why do I feel like the real reason Bad Weather fell out is that Heather was fuming because in 5 seconds Whitney stole her big “quit the Mormon church on camera” moment that she had been building to for 3 years alsjsjsjs.
  18. Heather having to log onto later that week, off camera.

  19. “I eat so much humble pie. It is amazing that I still fit in this dress.”

    Her power…It scares me
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  20. Mother Marks is gunning for La Barlow, eek! Meredith plays 3D chess... that I do know.

    First episode was brilliant! The 5 OG's are perfect cast members in completely different ways. I'm actually gutted Jen Shah turned out to be an evil con woman because I really do love her! I like that Coach Shah's party was lit too, so many of these Housewives events look dry as fuck (any Beverly Hills party). This one you could see everyone vibing, drinking and having a good time. Lisa's performance at the end.. amazing.

    Wonder if Angie K is getting the Tracy treatment? Her scenes are already being edited out dd. Nice house though (if it's not rented).
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