The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

Seth is hot. Just not when he opens his mouth sometimes.

Whitney stealing Heather's entire three-season storyline in only 3 minutes? That was iconic behavior, and obviously what sets Heather off.

Meredith & Lisa stand next to Karen & Gizelle as the greatest frenemy duo we currently have in the Housewives Cinematic Universe. HOW do we get the four of them - and only the four of them +Dorinda - on an Ultimate Girls Trip?

This season is off to a rollicking start and I'm so happy Jennie has been entirely deleted from memory so as not to taint these golden women & the immense joy they bring every time they're on our screens.

I was also reminded of the party I attended in February that saw me drunkenly talking to Seth Marks for nearly an hour and begging him to adopt me into their family, going so far as to ask him to set me up with the lil sissy bitch to ensure my chances. Bleak.