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The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by strangekin, Apr 29, 2020.

  1. nn she's so iconic, I can't cope.
  2. Why am I growing to stan The Artist Formerly Known as Pumkin…
  3. I will forever miss our 11sOnlyFacsimileOfGod Mary Crosby but the rest of the cast certainly continues to be a tall glass of iconic! <33
  4. Every single one of the Snowflake Holders came to play for this premiere. They were at their lowest. Fat, nasty and broke. Career in shambles. They came on this season mad as hell.
  5. Heather telling 6th Grade Bobbi Rose that Ugly sex will change her life!!!!!!

  6. Can a gay judge just add extra onto R Kelly’s sentence or send Rinna in and let Jen off please???
  7. So I still see Reid in the locker room pretty much 5 days a week. How soon do I walk up to him and say “Your mother is mother to so many cigs out there?”
  8. The girls are firing on all cylinders from the jump. I cackled at Miss MLM planning a girls trip to... Scottsdale.
  9. I know we're only one episode in, but just based on the episode and WWHL with Whitney and Lisa, I feel like the reunion is going to be one of the greatest reunions of all time.
  10. Seth with the beard. I hate myself. I REBUKE!
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  11. Seth is hot. Just not when he opens his mouth sometimes.

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  12. "What does John Barlow do for a living, other than follow Lisa around?"

    Cue to the editors dragging him
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  13. The way Lisa talks to John. It’s like she’s talking to a staff. THERE IS NO WARMTH.
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  14. I would let John Barlow follow me around all day long, girls.
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  15. It's the broad shoulders and endless patience. I just know he'd be attentive to our feminine urges.
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  16. Unfortunately, the stupider he sounds, the hotter I find him.
  17. Whitney stealing Heather's entire three-season storyline in only 3 minutes? That was iconic behavior, and obviously what sets Heather off.

    Meredith & Lisa stand next to Karen & Gizelle as the greatest frenemy duo we currently have in the Housewives Cinematic Universe. HOW do we get the four of them - and only the four of them +Dorinda - on an Ultimate Girls Trip?

    This season is off to a rollicking start and I'm so happy Jennie has been entirely deleted from memory so as not to taint these golden women & the immense joy they bring every time they're on our screens.

    I was also reminded of the party I attended in February that saw me drunkenly talking to Seth Marks for nearly an hour and begging him to adopt me into their family, going so far as to ask him to set me up with the lil sissy bitch to ensure my chances. Bleak.
  18. Very lush luck behavior teebs.
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  19. Whitney taking Heather's three season length storyline in one episode.. That is my mama.

    Oop! WildRoses assemble.
  20. "I'm not getting into any of it, but there are rumours..."

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