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The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by strangekin, Apr 29, 2020.

  1. well guess wot countesstino
  2. I feel like Heretic making her storyline holding a grudge against someone and doing exactly what she accused them of doing to her would land more if she didn't do the exact same thing this time last year to her current ally, especially since Lisa apologised at the reunion.
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  3. I am screaming at Heretic

  4. Wait at Meredith saying that she doesn't actually believe that Lisa is having an affair, meanwhile Whitney says that she knows the guy that the rumor is about and has heard that they slept together. I wonder if the way Whitney portrayed this conversation to Lisa is going to line up with how it went down watching it back nn.
  5. Mother Marks always comes correct and fact checkedt. You just know Whitney will fumble her words and believe her own LIES when she runs this back to La Barlow but I have faith that Meredith will dill with her accordingly.
  6. If we could give two 11’s in a Housewives rate, Meredith would 100% be getting my second one.
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  7. dddd not Whitney's "I feel bad talking about her" being clearly edited in later. it's so obvious or am i the only one?

    And I'm sorry Meredith's crunching that crisp/chip... she's just as camp as Lisa to me. Hilarious.
  8. If she lied to Lisa, making Meredith look bad… I might have to stan Big Dill
  9. I had to keep rewatching this, this was a fucking hilarious moment. Lisa is deranged! I love her!
  10. That crunchy cracker at 0:19….queen.
  11. I have honestly never seen a group of women who live and breathe to gossip about each other so much for fun. It makes me think there is a God. (And she has 4 KitKats and a Diet Coke for breakfast)
  12. I chuckle every time they show years-old stock footage of the Salt Lake Temple because it's been boarded up forever due to renovations.
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  13. Crunch, crunch, crunch, crunch, deep swallow.
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  14. Lisus Christ allegedly sleeping with people for business reasons?

  15. Of course Dill Pickle would talk shit about Lisa. She's a horrible friend! Whether she says she fills bad about it or not.
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  17. The crispy snack in Meredith's mouth:
  18. I haven't known peace since reading this post
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  19. Watched the first episode.

    I absolutely love Meredith being passive aggressive and throwing around rumours to get back at Lisa.

    I also absolutely love Lisa being absolutely incapable of taking any form of accountability and doing the most, her talk with Seth was camp.

    Also I do feel Jen has her moments and is a key figure for the show, she's important, but I can't stand her, sorry drags!
  20. Literally... a moment.
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