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The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by strangekin, Apr 29, 2020.

  1. Meredith is such an good housewife. She could have cut Lisa out and done the whole “I’m not filming with her”, but instead she picked the right choice, the messy choice, the entertaining choice and I live!
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    Does anyone know if we're still getting the Jennie confrontation after the anti-BLM stuff was posted? I remember the girls (or Andy?) saying that it was addressed on camera before they fired her mid-filming.
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  3. I get the sense anything related to Jennie has been permanently erased.
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  4. If they didn't address it in the first episode they won't, thankfully...

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  5. The facetune.... my new sleep paralysis demon.
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  6. Am still cackling at how the editors made it look like Meredith was meeting up with Lisa for lunch within the first few minutes of the opener. I wasn't even annoyed when it turned out they were meeting up with Jen and Heather, as it was so playfully done.
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    Wait these are all kind of great except Whitney
  8. Enough with the bad Mormon shit Heather. If you were that bad you’d have discovered quitmormon dot com before your cousin.
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  9. Mamma's Barlows AND Marks' are superb
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  10. I'm still screaming that Heather's entire Housewives career was derailed by a website called quitmormon dot com. Second only to mormon boys dot com.
  11. Heather's 'I'm a bad mormon tee-hee' is her "in THIS town..."
  12. These women can't stop winning. Even Couldn't Quit Mormon Fast Enough's is laughably iconic.
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  13. Meredith and Lisa ate.

    Whitney and Heather are CORNY.
  14. Lisa's tag line last year was the most iconic, especially as it sounded skyped in.
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  16. That Meredith/Whitney scene gave me an out of body experience
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  17. Heather’s GLEE at Lisa’s potential downfall is kind of making me howl.
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    I'm team Meredith all the way, but what the fuck was that wet vampire confessional look?!
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  19. Loving Meredith means accepting her bizarre fashion choices.
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  20. Jen’s delusion is honestly so inspiring.
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