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The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by strangekin, Apr 29, 2020.

  1. Jen’s mom is so amazing tbh I love her.

    That Whitney scene was so dark holy shit.
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  2. They just uploaded the second episode to Peacock and as I was scrolling to it, I noticed season 2 ended at 24 episodes. I'm hoping they cap this season around 15-16 episodes which would wrap things up sometime in January.

    Especially with only 5 wives, we need Jen at the reunion and I am so worried that her sentencing will prevent that if the season goes too long. I know her sentencing is the end of November, but I wonder when she'll have to report. My guess is January. I hope Bravo can make it happen.
  3. If Bravo haven't already got a plan in place for that and doing the Reunion early, they all deserve the sack
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  4. I don't envy them because Jen's case is trickier than Teresa's because she's looking at a long sentence and her charges are more serious. But regardless they better figure it out!

    Okay some comments on the episode...

    I don't understand how Whitney and Heather had a falling out when Whitney seems to be going through so much in her personal life. Even if I was upset with her, I can't see myself holding onto that knowing what she's going through. I feel like this is going to be an epic breakup.

    I loved the Mary flashback as well! I screamed when I heard "Women" again.
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  5. Whitney being obsessed with Mary AS SHE SHOULD BE.
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  6. This was probably the darkest episode of SLC yet? The entire sit down between Whitney and Justin was visceral, my god.

    Jen is honestly putting in the performance of a lifetime, if we didn't have actual audio of her in people's voicemails I would probably chain myself to the court doors.

    The entire shaman experience was kind of fascinating, between all of the baggage these women have together and also their complicated pasts. Lisa's story felt a little out of nowhere but also formative? Maybe I just stan her nn. I did scream at her "Let's HEAL!"
  7. Uno


    I didn't think the Whitney vs Heather fight was going to happen so soon! Figured it would be towards the end of the season after constant disagreements, but they wasted no time. These girls are out for blood.
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  8. The tweets they chose to flash when Jen was talking about being bullied online made me ACTUALLY laugh out loud, and the editors are absolutely brutal this year to everyone.
  9. This show is so fucking dark!
  10. [​IMG]

    “You are not a safe space, Lisa!”
  11. The fact we’re already going places like this two episodes in. I’m not ready. Hold me, girls.
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  12. ok never mind

  13. The numbers aren't great but that demo is surprisingly strong for the total viewership?
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  14. What a great episode! Bad Weather falling apart so early has me hoping there’s still a lot more we haven’t even seen teased yet, bring it on!
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  15. *Lisa verbally eviscerates a best friend of 10 years*
    “I’ve forgiven myself…”

    Barlegend never misses!
  16. I know Whitney isn’t the most popular here but FUCK that scene was so raw and genuinely heartbreaking. I don’t remember the last time we saw something that powerful. It almost felt like we shouldn’t be watching.
  17. Lisa using Whitney starting to open up about her childhood trauma as a transition to talk about Meredith sksksksksksks
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  18. Lisa going from "I'm done begging for her forgiveness" to running for her life when Meredith drags her. Relatable Queen!
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  19. This season keeps on giving. This is amazing.
  20. Heather and Whitney’s fight in the preview for next week starting over a rumor that Angie told them about Lisa. Queengie Harrington ghost-producing from off-camera yet again….one episode closer to her triumphant return.
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