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The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by strangekin, Apr 29, 2020.

  1. Whoa this episode was HEAVYYYYY. Jen admitting to being suicidal, Whitney’s child abuse…

    It was intense. And next week’s Bad Weather argument looks DERANGED.
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  2. I thought it couldn't get darker than season 2 of Beverly Hills or the early years of New Jersey but whew. The evil emanating from this franchise! Like I said earlier this year about the creepy soundtrack, this is the first Housewives franchise in the horror genre.
  3. Watching Whitney broke me. I know we watch these shows for dramas, messiness and the escape from real life issues but i just paused the video and feel like i can not carry on with the drama for now

    Watching her telling it all came up to her in a moment resonated with me so much. EMDR (This is the Turkish abbreviation i believe) has really caused up a storm in me. I remember feeling triggered and completely shutting down in the middle of sex one time. I remember the times where i feel like a empty shell of a man filled with only dread.

    My heart goes out for her, it was a raw and powerful scene. I wish her nothing but happiness and peace.
  4. Whitney so far this season


  5. Thank god for whatever f-word in the Department of Justice delayed Jen’s sentencing because they want her to attend the reunion.
  6. The way Lisa just absolutely refuses to take any accountability just sends me to Mars. Sometimes I do much of what she said about Meredith is actually true *eyes emoji*
  7. And the new date is on Meredith’s birthday.
  8. Honestly just rush film the reunion and start filming another season that Jen has to leave part way through so we have her in season 4. She’s deluded enough to allow them film right up until she gets put away and I want to see it.

    Not to mention these hateful women will probably have a full season’s worth of material in a month worth of filming anyway.
  9. The way I yelled when she said it.

    Meredith vs Lisa is one of my favourite feuds so far, I hope they can keep going on and on.
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  10. never mind-
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  11. I’m so surprised that I’ve been this impressed by a five-person cast dynamic. The season is off to an excellent start.
  12. We always preach about larger casts being better but for some reason I love the intimate, claustrophobic dynamics of this evil group of five? It just works.
  13. If this is the last season with Jen (and lord knows I’m praying for a miracle) it could only ever come down to the five of them couldn’t it? Like someone else being slotted in to this cast when there is so much history and toxic energy flowing through all of their relationships just would not have worked. This feels like the final third act gearing up for its unhinged climax. Every Snowflake feels like an integral cog in the evil machine of SLC and we truly have five leading ladies with clear and defined arcs. Previous quintet casts they’ve tried on NY, ATL and OC for example have absolutely flopped in comparison.
  14. The only time it worked it was with RHONJ, hell they even managed to make a 4 cast work for a season! But I agree
  15. The snowflakes are teaching us that it doesn’t matter how many cast members you have, it only matters how much they all fucking hate eachother.
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  16. They miss Mary, we miss Mary.
    Jen talking to her Mum, who she swindled out of her her life savings to pay towards her legal team, I thought was dark enough, then the Whitney stuff came up.
    I mean WOW, if Season 2 wasn’t dark enough at points.
    These girls are going to give us an unbelievable rest of year
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  17. As much as I love these women, I am not enjoying the dark energy of this season. As much as I love the drama, I don’t think it’s a good dynamic when they all clearly despise each other. It reminds me of the toxic seasons of New York and Beverly Hills.
  18. I love the dark energy, it makes it fascinating. It truly belongs in the horror genre of Housewives.
  19. [​IMG]

    I know this forum is full of Barlow apologists, but as a Little Marksist this made me howl...
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