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The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by strangekin, Apr 29, 2020.

  1. Whew, just caught up on the episode and this thread. We definitely need all housewives episodes (of the relevant cities..) to be an hour long because last week's was amazing. It would be a great way to justify a shorter season too.

    Two episodes in and everyone is working for that cheque, this may top season 2, I fear. Loved the Mary flashback too. Also let us pray Jen gets sent down in March or something so we can at least have her for the start of season 4 nn.
  2. Also scream at Angie Harrington forever shit stirring behind the scenes, me and @Babyface win AGAIN. Her arrival will move tectonic plates and summon Darth Vida to our screens, I fear. Their upcoming showdown is causing my buss to quiver a lil in anticipation...
  3. 3RD post in a row yes but the way Whitney says Maéyghun...
  4. I’m intrigued to see how the three Friends Of factor into the group and whether any will be contenders for a snowflake in season 4.

    Praying Angie Harrington delivers.
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  5. I feel like if Sarah Paulson was meant to get a snowflake it would've happened already, but I personally like her. I think she did enough in season two that they should've straight out offered her one. She's connected to the group, gorgeous, has good style and seems wealthy.

    I'm curious about the other two, Angie K was terrible in her scene last season, so I hope she's gotten more natural around the camera. With Danna we know she'll bring drama, so I'm curious how she'll fit overall in the group. We know she hates Jen, but I wonder who she is friends with.
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  6. Angie K was on last season? Which ep?
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  8. Season 2 Episode 8. She's in the scene at Jack Barlow's party where Meredith meets Cameron and finds out about Mary's church. I looked, but I can't find the scene, but I highly recommend yall check it out. It is truly one of the worst performances I've ever seen.
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  9. I'm screaming at how BUSTED this cast trip is? They had these girls on a bike trolly dumping drinks on each other at a strip mall in the most boring city in the country.
  10. Whitney saying she wants to break the cycle of her trauma by immediately telling Lisa what Meredith said about her dddd.
  11. This show needs an exorcist.
  12. This was a perfect Housewives episode. Funny, outrageous and ending in complete and utter chaos.
  13. Lisa is an empath, she absorbs it all!!
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  14. I…like Heather again? Her getting Meredith to let the mouse go was a nice moment of self producing.

    This episode was phenomenal, the early 00’s reality TV energy of that entire trolly ride but with Utah moms is like the most ridiculous thing on paper but absolutely worked, I mean Jen pouring alcohol into Whitney’s dress upside down??

    Lisa’s anger to sobbing to retreating was perfect as always. I love this cast so fucking much.
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  15. My team! My dream team!
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  16. Next season they better send these girls somewhere exciting. I need Europe, Australia, Asia! After delivering A+ content for 3 years and getting these basic trips they deserve something nice.
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  17. Yes?
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  18. Can’t imagine the stench of these women after spraying themselves with that awful wine-in-a-can fjdjdkd no wonder the horse riders told them they had dresses to try on.
  19. When Jen’s behind bars they’ll be able to travel internationally as a cast.
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  20. Bravo best be getting filming rights ready for Shahshank Redemption straight outta Utah State Prison next year and be taking the gals for a cast trip crossover.
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