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The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by strangekin, Apr 29, 2020.

  1. Yes and these ladies and more than earned it! I don't want any Montana, Miami or even Mexico mess. For the amount of mess they've given us they deserve luxury.
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  2. That episode was so chaotic. I love these ladies so much.

    “I’m an empath, I absorb it all” while Heather was mouthing to Jen about how the trip was meant to be for her. Also all of them wearing lingerie running around terrorising each other.

    A 10/10 masterclass.
  3. K94


    Everyone in skimpy lingerie then Lisa comes down in Prinark jimjams - she's so fascinating
  4. The way I thought we’d be getting this kind of drama half way into the season and it’s only episode 3… with a 5 person cast. Plus, am I about to start stanning Heather? I fear this might be her best season… but we still have a way to go.
  5. Uno


    Lisa's current allegiance to Whitney feels so forced, especially since she can now see it was Whitney that brought up the sexual favors, not Meredith. I wonder if she just wants to avoid another pile-on during the reunion so she's keeping Whitney close since no one else is on her side.
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  6. She doesn't have to worry, how can the Reunion be anything but a Jen pile-on, if she attends or not
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  8. We’re on the way up!
  9. Heather screaming "Fuck you!" only for Whitney to drunkenly slur "Please! I love to be fucked" was television gold.
  10. It was so touching to see how Whitney found hilling through throwing Meredith under the bus <3
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  11. Whitney is whack, corny and LAME. How does she always get her information wrong? Thankfully Mother Marks and Heather set her straight!!!

    Highlight of the episode was Lisa breaking down and RUNNING from the table to call John Barlow. It was pure campery seeing her skip off in her Primark pyjamas fake crying has her long train of hair extensions galloped behind her! Slay!!
  12. The way Lisa galloped out of that room will stick with me for a while, I feel. A horse girl through and through!
  13. Heather kinda ate this episode... I'm ready for her to join forces with Jen, Meredith and Angie Thee Harrington to squash Whitney and her fillings once and for all!

    Also Angie's entrance and first meeting with Lisus will be epic... that I DO know.
  14. Meredith is just as messy as Whitney, but because Whitney does it sloppily it takes any and all focus away from Meredith and Miss Marks lives to scheme another day.
  15. Whitney's scheming is too forced and blatantly obvious. Referring to herself as Nancy Drew like sissy you are not that gworl!
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  16. Honestly, Mary is needed. We would have gotten some hilarious confessionals about little girl being drunk again this episode. I miss her!
  17. Whitney is the Ashley of SLC. A slightly younger, messier queen that’s unafraid of coming across badly in the name of good drama and willing to share all aspects of her life in a way other more seasoned, older wives aren’t comfortable doing.

    And for that, we have to stan.
  18. Whitney knocked it out of the park. Her making up shit about Lisa, telling Meredith about it, trying to “expose” Meredith, blaming it on Sarah Paulson, calling Heather a liar…

    It was the worst Housewife performance of all time and it was iconic.
  19. Whitney has officially circled back to stan worthy after the last episode, sorry to the old hags who don't appreciate the messiness of her shenanigans!

    I think the most underrated moment was the women saying they were going to burn Lisa and she said "my hair extensions will smell HORRIBLE :)". Then her basically recreating this at the end


    I can't wait for the gif to surface.
  20. Honestly the moment of the episode was Mother Mer telling Lisa to go calm herself down and that she would come check on her in 4 minutes, followed by her saying “I have no idea why I said 4 minutes”. Between that and her extremely loud chip crunching she’s serving camp this season.
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