The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

I think I need therapy after that episode.

I mean it started as Meredith VS Lisa then Whitney VS Meredith and then Lisa VS Everyone and then Jen VS herself and then finally Heather VS Whitney.

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The moment Whitney signed that piece of paper you could see it on Heather's face that that was the moment she would turn on her. I love this cast.

Though I would have liked to see what Mary added to this chaotic season.
I’m an ex- Mormon myself, so know how difficult it can be to leave the church. It was for me leaving when I was around 16 and 95% of my family including my parents aren’t Mormon so must be worse for someone whose whole life revolves around it. I could read the jealousy and shock of Heather towards Whitney in that scene, possibly because Heather has so much trauma from leaving the church and probably hasn’t unattached herself from the beliefs of the church in the way Whitney has. Heather is petrified of the consequences of her actions.