The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

If you don't appear on here or you think you're in the wrong place, it's cos you haven't shown enough of a side in the last few pages. I'm sawwwwy.

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- Whitney tearing up the Friendship Card when the argument is all on her, wonderful
(Whichever producer prodded her from her drunken stupor for that deserves a raise)
- "After having a burrito and some kitkats I realised this has to be about Jen!" Is maybe the most relatable thing Lisa has ever said
- the Meredith Lisa Hug
- the fact four of them gave us that at a dinner... and some of You were worried the cast being only Five Snowflakes (I do miss Mary though)
- the self-destruction of Bad Weather is so compelling.

(I am ready for Sarah Paulson's return next week)