The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

I think it's time that we all recommit to the grilled cheese deluxe box, which is currently being featured at Taco Bell. It not only has a chalupa, but a doritos locos taco and a grilled cheese burrito as well. The grilled cheese burrito really does have that grilled cheese type of flavor and it is delicious. I recommend it with a baja blast ZERO because let's face it you don't need the extra calories!! Anyways stan Lisa.
My company is a client of the company that Angie H's husband is very high up at so me and my other coworker who watches Bravo (who has met Angie's husband at a conference they put on) are fucking DYING at the revelation that he made an "exposing Jen Shah" instagram page agjs;gjs;ghsjhjdlhjdyjwe

We are also plotting on how to parlay this into getting to meet Angie. Stay tuned.
Lisa holding a grudge against Angie and refusing to hear out her friend of 20 years, while simultaneously being upset at Meredith for holding a grudge against her...