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The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by strangekin, Apr 29, 2020.

  1. Andy is full of shit. He’s going to say that but in reality they want the ratings and will 100% be giving her a heavily promoted on screen send off.

    I must say I’m loving Heather’s take down this season. I predicted the women would get wise to either Heather and/or Whitney and it looks like they got Heather. Especially last season I feel she was so central to stirring the pot for everyone and I couldn’t understand why she didn’t take more heat for it. This is karma coming back to bite her in her messy ass.
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  2. No new episode this week?!? Fudge Thanksgiving, honestly.

  3. Me falling for these production tricks:
  4. I love Elle! Her channel is such easy viewing!
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  5. ok, finally caught up on this season... one question though, because I fill like this hasn't been clarified... Is Whitney working through childhood traumas or no?

    My notes:
    • I was so looking forward to a Heather take-down (still am tbh)... but the attempts have been weak and boring. Have some conviction ladies and get wild rat out of the drivers seat!
    • I don't mind husband segments when the husbands actually bring something... anything. These ones don't have the NJ/ATL range.
    • If they don't find a housewife that can match Jen's level of dramatics then some pussies better step-up because without that 0-100 in 2.5 flare, I fear it could all crumble.
    • Lisa pretending she misses her "relationship with god" in between product placements and big gulp sips is camp and I love it! (so long as she doesn't run it into the ground ex Heather's an ex-morman)
    • Speaking of camp, Angie Paulson dragging Whitney to that audition and acting like a deranged cheerleader reeked of desperation. It's giving Pearl and had me screaming. If she keeps it up, give her a snowflake.
    • "I'll have hymn, hymn and hymn". Gay Santa serving dad jokes in-between cat fights is one of my favorite gay friend-of moments in a while.
  6. Angie K breakout episode!! I told you all!!!
  7. Thank god Hulu live let me rewind. I didn’t realize Bravo was changing the airtime halfway through the season. Almost spiraled at the thought of waiting another day for my toxic fix.
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  8. A star making episode for Angie K.

    I could’ve bought my daughter a HORSE with the money I spent. And I DID do that.
  9. Not a great showing for Jen this episode... Like, she was doing a lot.
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  10. This honestly made me scream.


    “I’m a respected woman”

    “So am I”

    “ARE YA?”
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  11. I keep thinking about Jen trying to save face by pouring a drink on her own head and then constantly citing it as proof that pouring a drink on Angie's head was all in good fun.
  12. Close Together Eyes Angie is a star!!!! Sarah Paulson is DEAD! I just want sex! Click here to see my pussy.
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  13. Agree entirely on this being a star-making episode for Angie K. Have never seen another housewife gather Jen so much that she was SILENT in the sprinter van.

    I can't get over the darkness this franchise brings out in this cast. No other series besides early New Jersey makes you feel like an actual murder could happen on screen.

    An aside: I couldn't not stop cackling at Danna's hat messing up the shot and focus on Jen in the sprinter van.
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  14. Give Angie K her damn snowflake! I’ve never seen someone start off so uncomfortable in front of the camera and come into her own like that!

    Jen is a top tier housewife and not someone easy to go up against, but Angie demolished her! That was such an impressive housewives performance!
  15. I havent been a fan of Angie K so far this season, she always seemed to be trying too hard to be heard, but oooooof she served last night in that van. Didn't skip a beat rounding up Jen (and rightfully so), likely has to do with knowing her so long and knowing exactly how to call her out. She is not playing and I was here for it, so my opinion is starting to change (for the better).

    And as much as I love Heather, she really is starting to dig a hole for herself between the Whitney fight and now making light of Jen pouring that champagne on Angie?! Like what the fuck? If it was any other person, she (and everyone else on this cast) would lose their minds, and making excuses for Jen is not a good look, despite what she's going through. She even doubled down on defending it on WWHL last night and I was shocked she didn't back track.
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  16. This is an Angie K stan account.
  17. Kinda excited for a Jen-less season after this episode and next week's preview tbh
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  18. Heather's villain turn is so good. She's the girl I knew she was. Watching her persona fall apart is enthralling. We're getting reunion Heather during the actual season, finally. Her telling Danna that she's a guest of a guest and not to fight with Jen was SO nasty. Amazing!
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  19. I am several weeks behind on this (and every housewives show at this point) but I simply need to register how much I lose it every time @johnny_tsunami calls Angie K “close together eyes Angie” alsjskskskskskdjjsis
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  20. wow Meredith is flopping so hard this season, it's so sad for you all!
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