The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

Meredith is and will always be a normal human being who’s chosen to be thrown into the Housewives universe and for that reason… I will always love her.
a normal human being

Any time this group takes a trip it's magic. Angie K's camel toe as they toured the house... Her performance this week was a star-making turn, give her a snowflake. I wouldn't be mad if the entire show was shot in a sprinter van, it's where they produce their best content! The read about the Southern District of New York snatching Jen's necklace... lethal! ARE YA?

Jen is so psychotic. I just can't see how the Jen/Heather/Meredith alliance will come out of this season as the winning team in the face of Barlow/Wild Rat/Angiee/Danna.

I would relish the opportunity to hear Mer's assessment of my męntål stæte. And thank u to Wild Rat for gifting us another spin on the English Language talking about Jen's jill cill.