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The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by strangekin, Apr 29, 2020.

  1. Angie H is a MESS for that, i'm deceased.

    I agree with you all that the friends of are showing up this year. I like them (and dislike them) for a myriad of reasons, but so far everyone fits in and the dynamic is good tv.
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  2. PLEASE!!! This made me shout!! How Ramona of her! She is just fabulous to me!
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  3. Meredith being the CEO of fun...

    Because when I think of FUN I think of...Meredith Marks???
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  4. Jen and Meredith's friendship. I'm sad girls. Those are my interracial gay mommies.
  5. Lisa's description of the vacation house. Get her on Selling San Diego immediately.
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  6. Angie with thee Long Face is gonna milk this moment for all it's worth but this made me chuckle.

    That Angie H's post... Incredible. She lives in another universe from the rest of us. I don't think she's been that good this season so far but this alone gives her god tier FOH status.
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  7. I want her to become a realtor and make TikTok viewings like Kelly Killoren Bensimon.
  8. I haven’t watched the episode yet because Hayu has now decided to not play SLC episodes.. I just know one of you evil girls placed some voodoo on me..

    Anyway, Angie with thee Long Face spending 15k on a birthday party only to get two seconds of screen time and no snowflake is hilarious to me.
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  9. I managed to lift the voodoo and watch the episode. Heather's blind allegiance to Jen is exhausting, it's giving season 1 all over again when I could never understand why Heather was so beloved by the fans. Whitney threw some great shade in her confessionals and it reminds me that she's a lot of fun when she's not feuding with Heather or talking about her hilling journey.

    Angie K was kinda flopping until she ate Jen up in the sprinter van, like she really gagged her there and then. Probably the only person to successfully take on Jen since Mother Marks. I also really like Danna and it's evident she's already done with Heather nn.

    The three friends are all bringing it this season in vastly different ways and I'm glad we've got a few new women to expand the Salt Lake City multiverse. I want them all back next season. Angie Harrington is easily the most iconic with the best screen presence but it's nice to see the others showing what they're made off. I see loads of potential for next season!

    Only complaint: the sheer lack of Lisa-Marie Barlow!!!!!!
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  10. Angie Harrington also stans Mary... we need to see this fashion duo together in season 4...

    Interesting to read that she was offered a role in season 2 but turned it down.
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  11. Mary, Meredith and Sarah Paulson is the dream team we absolutely need.
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  12. Whitney’s outfit when she was walking around the house in San Diego was giving Deputy Manager at H&M and I am not mad!! Serve us youth.
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  13. Uno


    Why did she turn it down? It seems like she's always been hungry to be on TV, I'm surprised to hear she did.
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  14. I...don't believe this.
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  15. Uh, YES Danna! We love to see a Friend Of putting in the work to become a Housewife!
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  16. Fastly becoming a Danna Banana stan in the haus of @1991..
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  17. Danadrama is bringing it.

    Her and Other Angie already deserve Snowflakes next year
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  18. Ladies …
    I’m losing interest in the SLC girls and I don’t like it. I find their fighting and arguments to be so … 6th grade. Everything is “you’re not my real friend” “you didn’t have my back” “you’re not being real” like how fucking old are you women?! Furthermore, the Angie H and Angie K of it all is driving me crazy ddd. Like, I know we had Kim G and Kim D, but the two Angie’s who are referred to by their last initial is giving me I’m in first grade and this is my friends Ashley B, Ashley G, and Ashley M. Like ENOUGH.

    Am I alone? It’s just so juvenile lately.
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  19. Just you! Heather's shit is blowing up on herself finally. Amazing!
  20. I don’t think there’s a city that is anywhere near as chaotic as Salt Lake is. Each episode whizzes by like a tornado of absolute insanity. I love it.
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