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The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by strangekin, Apr 29, 2020.

  1. Angie Elongated equating Jen not paying for her husband's birthday party to her federal charges dddd I stan a hyperbolic queen. Get your Snowflake, bestie!

    What in the seizure was that handstand "twerking" moment from Wilfred? Not a single buttock moved, nothing twork, all we got was... Yoga Asana.
  2. That plate of crudités...

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  3. That episode was sensational, my god. Heather getting so cornered that her mean girl came out with Angie K basically telling her to sit and eat her food at dinner, it's fascinating how every one of these women can tap into a bottomless well of darkness.

    Lisa is the only main cast member actually showing some demonstrable growth from last season. Her refusing to back down with Jen was great to see after how she used to get steamrolled in the past. Whitney is also having a great season even if her tactics are blatant, there is no ally she won't betray even her own family and the show is all the better for it.

    I'm convinced Angie K only had her snowflake withheld because the third season is traditionally when these women see a salary increase and they're just waiting until next season when Jen's portion is freed up to promote her (and hopefully Danna). She knows how to play the game perfectly by getting involved in the conflict just to trigger an apology from Jen and get Lisa further worked up.
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  4. The girls simply CANNOT keep Angie Harrington's name out of their mouths...the cultural impact.

  5. Wait, some gay called the episode 'High Hills in the High Seas' on Hayu!
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  6. The music sting/reactions when Jen tells the table Angie K is her only true friend was a moment most pleasing to me. Also, Jen getting so blackout drunk that she truly could not recall anything that took place on the yacht... chef's kiss.

    Lisa's description of her preordered Saint Laurent shoes defined why she is a Top Tier Housewife. HARD. TO. GET.

    I'm sure it's been said, but Angie H/Angie K are truly this generations Kim D/Kim G, and I couldn't be more thrilled to have them in my life. Now give me that Ultimate Girls Trip: Friends Of Edition we deserve!
  7. This is my weekly 'Heather and Meredith are flops' post.
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  8. When she lamented how trips have to be in USA because of Jen. She brought it this season.
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  9. I cannot believe all this shit happened on the FIRST day of the trip.
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  10. The way they reminded it us it was DAY 1 at every possible opportunity... this season will never end, and nor should it.
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  11. Jen drinking a white Monster Ultra then immediately proceeding to nap was extremely relatable.
  12. Danna's gotta be a dead cert for a snowflake next year? The way she's diving straight into the mess when she doesn't know any of these women. I can't wait to see her fight with Jen at the finale. Stunning confessionals too.
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  13. I'm thoroughly enjoying watching the three Friends Of circling Jen's wilting carcass like a pack of vultures trying to get her snowflake.
  14. Heather saying "I'd never kick someone when they're down" like Lisa did anything to Jen in the first place..... Insanity.
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  15. I can’t believe I stanned Mother Marks crew pre-season, it appears to be a gaggle of strays in an alliance of necessity. Sad!
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  16. Lisa cleared
  17. That scene on the yacht with Lisa chasing Jen and Jen screaming at her / pushing her while the other girls were twerking in the background was amazing. Pure chaos.
  18. Mother Marks crew are flopping majorly, much to my disappointment.

    I think Lisa is the only one having a killer season, to be honest! Viva La Barlow!
  19. Heather may be the most clueless two-faced person I've ever seen on Housewives. We've seen a lot of two-faced Housewives. We've seen a lot of clueless Housewives. But to see someone fumble it so horribly? For the person who called her a Lego Figurine??

    Close Together Eyes Angie is fucking hilarious for not letting either Jen or Heather breathe.
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  20. Every single one of these women is the villain and I love them all (except Whitney).
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