The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

The scene where Jen detailed her suicide attempt after finding out about @ShahExposed and the producers overlaying the one comment from the account that had almost nothing to do with Jen. . .

Very dark energy from everyone involved.

EDIT: Should have watched the whole scene before commenting. That was heavy. Lisa was right Bob the Builder would struggle to move it and she’s correct for saying it.
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Heather was absolutely infuriating at that dinner. She fixates on one thing someone says and then her blinders go up so the other person can't get their point across. Steamrolling Whitney and continuing to talk over her under the thin guise that she was trying to give her the floor, gaslighting Whitney about involving everyone and then turning it back around on her friendship with Lisa AGAIN about loyalty when Heather is far more guilty of that with Jen...when Whitney said she was processing childhood trauma and shouldn't have to yell to get her feelings across it actually felt really powerful? It's nice to see the editors also throwing Heather under the bus because after last season I didn't think they'd turn on her.

Jen mentally going through her rolodex of victim cards to earn sympathy is so played out but somehow she always manages to get a scream out of me. "Then when I finally kill myself, they'll be like oh she was telling the TRUTH!" I just-

Excellent episode and another win for Lisa, who came across as genuinely wanting to forge a way forward with everyone and also gave the best confessionals of the week by a landslide. It was also killing me how they kept projecting Danna's title card during the dinner even though she was silent just because she was sitting between Heather and Whitney.