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The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by strangekin, Apr 29, 2020.

  1. I love how Meredith has finally got a reunion look right. She's eating.
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  2. Mother Mer carrying the reunion for the second year in a row? Marksists our time is (finally) coming.
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  3. ...who drinks alcohol. She's never been shy about talking from both sides of her mouth when it suits her. Mormon 2.0, indeed.

    At least Mother Marks has (shudder) Brooks to keep her on the right side of history. I've always known Lisa "Big Gulp" Barlow was bad news.
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  4. Wait at Jen actually being featured in the reunion because Meredith calls her on speakerphone alsjsjsks
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  5. Lisa Barlegend accusing Mother Meredith of doing ket skjdjshbjbs my QUEENS.

    Though the last thing Meredith needs is ketamine. She's literally the walking embodiment already.
  6. We had a rough year but we will come out on top as we deserve.
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  7. The idea of Meredith & Jen doing ketamine is so funny lkdsjgfnjlld. This cast is insane.
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  8. They really didn't want Danna to shine if they cut that. OUR GIRL BROUGHT IT!
  9. She told me that you two were both ketamine!
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  10. I’d like to see more ket on housewives, to be honest.
  11. Meredith being relentlessly on a high horse is so exhausting. Everyone else has always cast the first stone, has committed unforgiveable sins. Just crucify yourself already!
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  13. Uno


    Yeah, I'm okay with all 3 Friends getting the axe next season, or at least just remaining Friends. Without Jen their connections to the group don't carry very much weight - it almost seems weird for them to be arguing over their friendships with Jen when it's a moot point since we know she won't be returning ever again.

    Bring some fresh blood in that makes things a lot less "one side vs the other" and changes the dynamics.
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  14. Reunion actually looks decent but there's also no way they won't be drawing from a dry well by part 3. Do we know if the friends are out for the full thing?

    Meredith taking every interaction with Lisa as an opportunity to be self-righteous when she spent the entire season seeking retribution by way of passive aggressive side comments is the most exhausting aspect of this cast dynamic. It was cute to see her eat up Angie K in the preview but the stakes feel too low for it to be satisfying when the latter is stuck in friend status.

    I don't know what it is but Angie H has me transfixed every time she's on camera, maybe it's the vocal fry or perhaps I just have low standards for vaguely charismatic beautiful blonde women who knows!
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  15. Yes, Meredith likes to sit on her high horse, but so does Lisa, hence why for the life of her, she can’t seem to land a genuine apology. She is just more “entertaining” and “Housewife”-like so she gets away with it. Not saying Meredith isn’t at fault either in their stalemate right now, but she’s at least justified in her actions… wayyyyy justified.

    To me, it’s clear now how toxic Lisa and Jen’s “friendship” was in the first two seasons, in the sense of scheming, bad-mouthing the other cast members, gossiping and telling them not to film with certain people. I’m sure most of it is typical Housewife behaviour but it’s come up so many times now between those two.

    Lisa claiming she has a bunch of texts from Jen talking shit about Meredith makes her look bad as well. That was your supposed “friend” who had just lost her father and her family was in actual turmoil and you’re shit talking with Jen about her having a pill addiction and probably plotting about how to make the dates of her Dad’s memorial a storyline.

    I obviously enjoy Lisa on the show still, but it’s always frustrating to see fans just go for Meredith when there’s now stacks of evidence proving how horrible a friend Lisa was.

    This season didn’t justify this rant and I usually hate self-righteous people (Teddi), but I can defend Meredith on this topic forever.
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  16. YES. I don't know if I'd ride as hard for Meredith if the Barplorables didn't hate her so much. I don't want Lisa off the show (...yet, though WLMgate has definitely put her on My List), she's great TV. But to act like she's always innocent and Meredith always in the wrong (when the latter is mostly just guilty of being condescending, Virgo recognize same) makes my Marksinista blood boil.
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  17. To clarify, it's not necessarily about who's justified in their actions/'right' for me and entirely about entertainment value, of which Meredith provided very little this season. So my fairweather stanning is currently in hiberation for Ms. Marks. Maybe next year!

  18. The way I’ll stan even harder if she is a little ketaminsta!
  19. For me, as tv entertainment, Lisa provides me consistent laughs and insanity, whereas Meredith does only occassionally. Meredith also has gotten into a habit of going so serious about everything and its so exhausting to watch. Eg. My husbands company was nearly destroyed, people lost their jobs. Ok like maybe do take a tranquilliser?

    I don't really care who is right or who is a better person.
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