The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

I’m getting evil, alternate reality Heather.
It's actually so creepy, Debbie's like the Bianca to Pleather's Mariah. She's giving evil soap opera twin where it's just the actress in a brown wig. I'm very intrigued. Maybe they're cousins too?

I kinda want Meredith and Lisa to squash their beef. I don't know I miss them being friends but I realize there's next to no chance of it happening.

It's also a very weird decision to not give Angie H Paulson any role. She has genuine connections to the group, she's appeared in multiple episodes over two seasons, it makes no sense that she's just gone.
I also need Meredith and Lisa to be friends again. Lisa and Whitney’s friendship is such a bullshit reality tv friendship of convenience, and Lisa is so much less annoying when the two brunettes who I originally couldn’t tell apart were aligned.

Angie Julie Benz Harrington deserves to be on next season as well, even if her pathetic husband kind of ruined her legendness this season.
Wait...part 2 of the reunion ending with Meredith and Lisa's joint birthday cake and them doing a cheers
When Lisa told John which camera to look at all I could think was that’s so Lisa!

The Lisa and Whitney team up does give me some hope for next season…
This season.... nothing was there - I saw it on TV, nothing was there.

I don't think she always makes the correct choices but Lisa Barlow created the only memorable and quotable moments of the whole season. The new cast member already being a disaster once again spells trouble and also shows that Bravo have learned precisely nothing regarding how to handle this franchise and its cast members in the last 2 years. Season 4 is literally make or break, and its going to take more than Angie H and Heather Straight to do so. Everyone else needs to pull their weight again and create an interesting dynamic without Jen, and that isn't achieved just by creating affair rumours.
I’m not buying it on those newbies. What are the chances blogs know all of the newbies being cast? I think we’ll have a couple surprises.
The ending was cute at least with Meredith and Lisa actually smiling at each other for the first time since like, early Season 2. All hope is not lost!