The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

I just think... Angie H is right there. Obviously a majority of the fans don't really like her because she's "thirsty" or whatever, but the fans are fickle and that could change if we got to see more of her, outside of just being the messy friend-of. Then cast another newbie and have Mary as a friend-of... I'd be happy with that.
What a terrible reunion Heather had - so embarrassing for her! Claiming she wanted to be accountable but couldn’t muster a single apology or olive branch to Whitney.

I’m intrigued to see how she is during Season 4 because much of my dislike of her stems from how much she is up Jen’s ass every single season.
Lisa, Whitney and Angie K taking selfies while Heather was crying on the other couch 4 feet from them dsfdnf

Yeah, I don't think Jen has anything on Meredith. Anything she did have on her has likely all come out via Lisa and it turned out to be gossip and nothing substantial. Plus, like Meredith said, if Jen did have something on her, then why would she have gone so hard on her last year? It doesn't make sense.
Meredith was literally retconning entire segments of last season regarding Jen's arrest (saying she wasn't gloating, saying she didn't talk about it, not actually committing to her convictions once Jen pled guilty, etc.). Lisa was staying on her neck about it because she refused to take an ounce of accountability. The only concession I will give her for Part 2 is that I'm sure Jen's suicide attempt did ring particularly close to home for her so I can imagine she had more grace in the tank than anyone else on the cast.

I generally really like Meredith but her tendency to expect everything she does be retroactively taken in good faith is so frustrating and leads to zero payoff when the season concludes. She was great in Part 1 but fumbled nearly as bad as Heather in Part 2. Speaking of, Heather had one of the absolute worst reunion performances I've ever seen and Andy's soft ball questions made it even more annoying to watch.

Whitney started to come alive a bit in this one, I appreciated her immediately questioning whether the Harringtons giving money to Jen was the reason the Instagram drama went away so quickly. Also that final dig at Heather regarding what they regretted about the season not being their relationship. Overall Lisa was the only one of the four of them who had a good season and the only one who fully delivered on the reunion. It was at least satisfying to see the turnaround after last year!
Meredith was just being smart. As mentioned earlier, Jen & Meredith bonded over the meeting with Jennie which wasn't aired, and Meredith also knew that Mary wasn't returning. With no Mary, Meredith would have no one. If she was against Jen, she risks having Heather & Whitney being against her, and she can't rely on Lisa. So what is the lesser of two evils to her? Jen. She needed to be nice to Jen to maintain any sort of relationship with this cast.