The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

Catching up on this and on the finale. Did Jen know she'd plead guilty in the days leading up to her trial?Trying to understand the context of the second half of the ep in New York.
I honestly don’t think Mer or Heather are wrong for still supporting Jen. That is the spirit of rehabilitation after all.

That said, I need a psychologist to explain to me why I’m empathetic to Jen but not Erika. Ha Stockholm Syndrome ways!

Depending on how you look at this it can be considered good or bad. Personally I think it’s good. The rumor is that the newbies that were dumbed was due to Jennie like posts being discovered. I think it’s great they found out before they started filming.

With the one remaining newbie, that’s still a cast of 5 and Mary is there and can be upgraded if necessary. Plus the delay could give them time to fill the slots of the two newbies we lost. Dorinda Deadly (who is more miss than hit) is saying Danna is sticking around.