The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

I mean …. Not like she was working a 9-5 filming? More like 11-12? …
I do know from Jacqueline Laurie’s, she said she’s had to turn down Girls Trip and can’t do housewives because her Autistic son needs such specific help that she has to physically be there for him. Especially with this being a new diagnosis, I can imagine this isn’t an easy time for Angie and her family.
Some source posted about her "quitting" on Bravo&Cocktails and another source said she wasn't even invited back in the first place....

Talk about a hype Queen, in all honesty I hope everything goes great with her son, but lowkey expect her to be knocking on the door of Season 5.
No real details, but buzz is saying the finale was explosive. Andy read a text from the producer saying the last cast trip and finale were excellent.

I hope it’s true and I hope we get a solid season. I still say they did the best they could with season three, but I’m excited for a season without Jen Shah and seeing how they pivot. She was such a large voice on the show so this gives them a chance to really shake things up.

Should I go to see THEE Wild Rose herself in D.C. girls?