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The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by strangekin, Apr 29, 2020.

  1. Whitney left the Mormon church to have an affair with her boss! I hope this show is messy. I'm pre-stanning Jen purely for her social media, she looks iconic.
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  3. The Tongan representation. I'm screaming.
  4. They have some BIG shoes to fill.
  5. It's Utah sis that's literally all they have
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  6. Trailer looked meh but already frothing at the mouth for season 2, when all of the women navigate life after being disowned by the church in response to the first season.
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  7. I don't know my little sister wives the trailer looked lame to me.
    I'll be watching though.
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  8. It gave me international series vibes, so I’m hoping it’s more Sydney than Toronto.
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  9. I think Bravo is keen to carve out an “identity” for the city before just diving into the drama straight away. Hence the emphasis on religion in the trailer over anything else.

    Based on everything that was leaked during filming I have no doubt that there will be ample drama. They’re giving two months to build up to the premiere (double the normal time for established cities) so I’m sure they want to hold back as much footage as they can to surprise viewers and keep them tuning in.
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  10. I'm also willing to give it a chance to improve, if only because Dallas and Potomac had weak-ish/weird-ish first seasons IMO.

    Will be intrigued to see how many episodes it gets for the first season, and find out if it was greenlit as RHOSLC or began life as a Ladies of show and re-edited to be HW.
  11. It was announced during Bravocon right as they had started filming at the end of last year, making them the first Housewives show to know they were filming as Housewives since Beverly Hills (and we know how that first season went!)

    By all accounts the drama is juicy and based on each lady’s cast bio, they’re gonna bring the mess.
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  12. Can you believe it girls, what a great trailer. I got a Sydney vibe from this. Messy boots. I’m here for it.
  13. This looks like it could be good. I'll give it a couple of episodes. Also... New York being listed first in the "From the network that brought you..." makes me happy.
  14. OC limping in last...

  15. Yes there's a few things that are noticeably missing that apparently went down, like the alleged windshield incident and more. I think they're smart not to put to much drama into this first trailer. I want to go into this somewhat blind, it's more exciting that way. Plus I'm sure Bravo are saving bits for promo on the lead up, like what they'll be holding, taglines and the intro looks.
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  16. Is that the full trailer though? Whist a lot of content, it looked more like a TV spot rather than traditional Housewives trailer. I wouldn’t be surprised if we got another one
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  17. We love a housewife who does job research and understands her role.
  18. Oh apparently it’s just a “first look” and there will be more.
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  19. Do you non-Americunties just not know that
    Mormons are nuts and it's one degree of separation away from Scientology?
    It's going to be a SCREAM.
  20. I find Mormon men quite hot
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