The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

I mean, I’m still not over that episode:

- The hideous outfits they were all wearing.
- Monica “Soaking Clock” Garcia delivering brutal truths left and right.
- Mary and Whitney talking to each other from different postcodes by the pool, while Angie K just gave her best TJ Mack impression.
- Everyone getting totally plastered at the dinner table.
- Whitney fleeing the sprinter van and Heather’s spew like Kyle Richards in Amsterdam.

These women finally realised we were in a black eye famine and have showed up to work!
This entire episode was unhinggggggged. Mary's quips and jabs. Angie's persistent desperation. Lisa trying her absolute hardest to be a good sport & failing miserably. Monica essentially babysitting these grown women. Whitney's Whitney. Heather narrating the whole thing and laughing at Meredith's meltdown. MEREDITH'S MELTDOWN.

What a fucking ride, I can't remember the last time we watched the episode + WWHL and then just let it play again afterward??

I'm fully back on the Meredith wagon, between putting Lisa in sheer fabric for the dinner, the British slurring and the full rant + sobbing on the van, it was a top tier showing on an already strong season for her.

Monica is kind of a revelation, she ate up Angie K ("ewwww!" was so fucking funny??) and Lisa. She's willing to air her shit immediately while also being level headed in conflict, a great combo.

Mary is carrying, as has been said: there's something really satisfying about her and Meredith having this weird alliance/understanding, like they would never interact outside of housewives but clearly see each other's perspectives within the chaos.

I'll probably watch it a third time at some point. I fucking love this cast so much.
Meredith's Lady of the Manor accent

Aside from Mary & Meredith being hilarious and icons, Monica was also stellar this episode. She feels so natural and authentic; I love how she ran right up to Angie K when overhearing the gossip, and called everyone out for being boring at the dinner table. She’s already a lot of fun.