The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

Watching now and I screamed at Heather saying “Oh, I forgot” when Whitney said Angie was in the fitting room dddd.

EDIT: Oh girls, they are doing it! Too many moments to call out, but what a great episode. Meredith was icon status this episode. Angie and Whitney are losers and Whitney’s comment to Meredith about running away from conversations with excuses (i.e. her father dying and her nephew attempting suicide??) was actually gross. I’m glad Mary handled little girl.
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Whitney has actually a point about Meredith but the timing of it was really bad. She clowned herself in the end and that is why we stan. The range.

Overall Mary and Heather are my favorites so far. Mary’s lone “What!?” confessional among the clips of Meredith’s spiraling made me laugh, and I think Heather is at her best when she is the narrator rather than an active participant in the drama.

Angie with the lone K is corny af but I’m living at the schadenfreude of Monica swatting her and gaining a better position in the group ff.
Her response to people criticizing the photo of her and Jennie is “fuck all you haters” and…tagging Mary in it for some reason? LOSER!