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The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by strangekin, Apr 29, 2020.

  1. Right, I just meant that she was very involved from jump and then, just as the drama for the season kicks off, with her being at the centre of it, she's suddenly MIA? It's weird.
  2. It's Mary!
  3. This was Lisa's breakout episode for me. She was perfect. I love this cast and I've even come around to Jen because as fake as I thought she was being for the cameras, I know underneath that she's absolutely out of her mind.

    The only thing that drives me nuts is reading comments online that basically portray Heather as Mother Theresa. I'm very reactionary and contrarian unfortunately, so now I just think she's a gremlin.
  4. I really don't know if we'll get Mary back in S2
  5. Meredith and Brooks in that grocery store felt like a scene from The Simple Life. That store was so small but you know it took them at least 2 hours to get around it.
  6. Well then you don’t get me for S2

    (That’s a complete lie, I’ll be here until the bitter end)

  7. Saw this on reddit. Can we drop Jen and Mary and pick up this feud for the next season? I would love that.
  8. I don’t buy that she was already in Vegas for work nn.
    She didn’t mention it once when Meredith called her to ask if Whitney had texted her, which... doesn’t make sense. Except if it was edited out, but I don’t see why they’d do that.
  9. I didn't find the episode boring either. Maybe because I found the opening scene with Whitney's family very powerful? Addiction is heartbreaking to see families deal with in real-time.
  10. So...none of these women like each other except for Meredith/Lisa and Whitney/Heather? And then Mary is just on the side and Jen VS everyone? That puts us in a weird position for Season 2.
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  11. Here’s hoping their mutual distaste for Jen unites the rest of the group.
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  12. I really enjoyed Meredith and Mary's dinner scene together early in the season, it was such and unlikely pairing but they seemed to have a real genuine moment talking about their relationships. I hope we get to see that friendship blossom in season 2 and perhaps Meredith can help pick out some outfits for her.
  13. Did we really get her as a Housewife for S1?
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  14. After tonight's episode I genuinely think they need to drain the lake behind Whitney's house because there's no way Jen hasn't killed someone
  15. Can’t WAIT to see how Jen & Mary handle this all at the reunion. I imagine nonstop tears from the former & nothing but shrugs from the latter.

  16. This is so good because Mary acts like she isn't on camera and gets annoyed with Jen and it really riles her up
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  17. Watching tonight’s episode right now and the first segment has been more entertaining than the entirety of OC. I love Meredith and her commitment to disengaging.
  18. The way I absolutely love Meredith and Lisa after detesting them maybe four episodes ago...

    I might change the way I feel post-reunion, but I don't know how much more we need to see of Jen. She's the one dividing these friend groups, she will prevent Mary from filming more and I don't want to see any more drinks being thrown or screaming at the drop of a hat.

    We need drama the women will actually engage in, not someone who will divide the group and make the situation all about her. Maybe if Jen and Heather were able to stay friends, but it looks like that's unlikely.

    I don't know if we've ever seen a housewife enter their first season with such an agenda. Jen clearly wants to be a hybrid of Rinna/Erika/Kelly Dodd (in a weird way) and it's just backfiring.
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  19. They need to cut both Jen and Mary off.
  20. At this point I’m convinced Mary is on house arrest.
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