The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

When this show is at its best it feels like a fever induced hallucination. There were so many great moments: the Whitney/Lisa meeting, the Meredith vs. Angie confrontation, Monica making her mom walk home after returning her stolen car (?!), Heather visiting Mary's Sims DLC house, the book signing with Lisa as a featured artist, even the stupid podcast moment was camp with Meredith's rose gold headphones with that fat sticker slapped on the side of them. I fucking love these women.

"I love when things are like conveniently abusive..."

I'm still catching up on this season, on like ep 4 but I just need to say real quick that I already LOVE Monica. She's not afraid to play, she's fun, she stands her ground. So far a really great addition!
Sorry but Meredith is DISENGAGED this season.

Lisa is annoying as all fuck. I don't care about Angie.

Only Heather Mormon gatekeeper Gay, Monica and Mary are bringing it.