The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

It's a shame that Monica really fumbled in part 3. I honestly think had she came in with a different angle, admitted her wrongs, cried a little and explained that ultimately by trying to grasp onto anything to take down her abusive employer the other women sadly got caught in the crossfire to which she is extremely sorry for, I think she could have won round Whitney and Meredith and it wouldn't have been the nail in the coffin we witnessed. No matter what she said, Heather and Lisa were not going to take an apology so count them out but at least try and get one of the other women to understand you.
I can listen to him talk about how they made Housewives for days, but his commentary on current events is usually pretty bleak.
He seems to want to force the women to film with someone none of them want to film with, for good reason. He called Heather 'dangerous', which... I'm not a huge fan despite her iconic confrontation in thr finale, but dangerous felt extreme to me.

I don't know the trustworthiness of this account, and I always assume these accounts are just making shit up, but I'm choosing to believe this!!! xx

I feel like they were definitely testing her as a potential cast member considering they gave her a name card, and given how hard she was working to get into every possible camera shot at Lisa’s apres ski party I say she deserved it!

Monica seems so sweet & lovely in this interview. I do wish we got to see more of this and I would love to see her back eventually. She definitely knows she messed up at the reunion and says it's because she knew no one would change their mind (which is true, sadly) and she had been going for 12 hours at that point. It makes it more understandable, but I guess knowing now that she isn't invited back is probably making her be less harsh to the other women too.
Coming for Kyle's Halloween bangs. Maybe she'll try to hit one of the new girls with a bag of bricks