The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

I'm shocked the gen pub are more offended by the Re- word from the facsimile of God rather than calling an Asian woman 'slanted eye'.

And the 'you look inbred' comment is even worse than the Re- word. Granted all of the above shouldn't be mentioned but I said what I said.
I'm shocked the gen pub are more offended by the Re- word from the facsimile of God rather than calling an Asian woman 'slanted eye'.
To be fair, probably because this is about a literal child and the comment about "slanted eyes" wasn't said with negative intent from what I remember. Which for the record doesn't excuse it or make it not racist!! I am not defending it or trying to say it's more acceptable than the r-word. But insulting a 12 year old in that way is definitely going to spark quite a big reaction, if that's what happened.
Mary’s comments avout “Mexican thugs” and “slanted eyes” are examples of micro aggressions and not racism. We’ve seen housewives do that many times which I think is understandable as language evolves and not knowing the intricacies of each race. In both cases she did take full responsibility for the comments which is all I ask when a housewife makes a micro aggression.

Now the latest comment towards Lisa’s son, even if you don’t know that the R word is now considered a slur, you should never call someone’s child that. She was wrong to do that and it seems like she knows that if she’s apologized and remains friends with Lisa. What I find interesting is who leaked this and why. They don’t mention the context of how this came up which we now know is because Lisa was speaking negatively about Mary’s son. That’s the only reason I can see Lisa being so willing to forgive her, if she also said something bad.

This leak came right after it was reported the show wanted Mary to have her snowflake back. Now Mary doesn’t want it. Problem is, the season is centered around her. She even brings in the newbie Bronwyn. I don’t think Lisa leaked this but I’m curious who did.
Where does it say Mary doesn’t want a snowflake anymore?
It doesn’t say that there but Bravo and Cocktails reported it. I’ll put the full post under spoilers. And btw, she did film the entire season as if she’s full time. She goes on both cast trips and throws her own events this time.

Source at SHED media was able to spill some tea on the new season of RHOSLC thats filming currently. Producers want Mary to hold a snowflake due to her forming deeper connections with the other ladies with several storylines revolving around her. Mary prefers to be a friend without the pressure of being fulltime. Brownwyn is fulltime. She is introduced by Mary and she brings a lux factor and has a great sense of humor. Bronwyn has a very intersting fued with Heather and Angie. Other newbie is Britani who is volatile and is on bad terms with several of the women. Her FT status is dependent on if Mary agrees to get a snowflake but producers are toying with the idea of 8 FT wives. Other women Meili faced heat early on for her social media posts but faded into the backround while filming. Another banger season!
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