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The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by strangekin, Apr 29, 2020.

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  2. Oh this show looks brilliant. I want it to arrive and destroy. Then please can we cancel OC?
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  3. Yeah, Salt Lake City and Potomac are where it's at now. I can't wait for it! Screw all the other franchises.
  4. Don't do RHONY like this!
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  5. Lisa, Whitney and Mary won, but why does Whitney sound 11??

    Meredith's falls completely flat and Jen is already so irritating to me. Heather's will probably make more sense in context. Overall, great first taglines.
  6. Ddd it’s my favorite. Whitney’s and Mary’s are great!
    I really like the opening.
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  7. Heather's pioneer ancestors.

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  8. I'm in love! Apart from Whitney's they are all so strong, possible the best debut taglines since Beverly Hills season 1 in my opinion. Lisa and Meredith's taglines are my favourtie, and I like how dramatic and grand the music is. I'm so hyped for this to start.
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  9. Sorry, but this is a Jen Shah stan only thread. We will respect our Queen Bee and MVP here. All else aren’t invited.
  10. I've never watched a full franchise before and this may be my first. Love the ladies in Atlanta but I don't have the energy to drag my way all the way through it.
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  11. This is a Meredith Marks stan account.
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  12. Were there not originally 7 housewives being filmed, or did I read that tea wrong.
    Are we due a messy friend of with the first season?
  13. Two other blonde ladies, Angie Harrington and Sara McArthur-Pierce, were rumored housewives too as they were spotted at several events that were filmed for the show. I'd imagine they'll either be edited out completely or be given the Elyse treatment considering they have not been in any trailers for previews. Mary Cosby was allegedly meant to be a friend-of but that changed last minute apparently.
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  14. Mary must be bringing the drama
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  15. She’s definitely bringing the filters.

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  16. Fans speculated Mary was just a friend who got upgraded last minute, but she’s central to the drama the first two episodes so I can’t see that being the case. I think she was always a wife, but didn’t show up on many pictures because Jen was most vocal on social media pre-season and they hated each other.
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  17. Following in the Yeti-prints of Ms. Leakes with this edit. It's icons only over here.

    I'm so excited!
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  18. Put your essential oils UP, My Little Mormonsters.

    Salt Lake Shitty premieres TOMORROW!
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