The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

I’m not really here for any of these winning the competition, at a push I’d say Crystal if she steps it up.
Why was the Heather and Jen scene so long?

This was the worst episode of the season for me. Lisa continues giving the give, her entire family showing up in oversized sunglasses for their little photoshoot was cute. Her setups are also a scream, the way she was finishing Meredith's sentences after the Cameron interaction like sis you're so transparent!

This cast has felt particularly disjointed this year. Somehow they were able to circumvent this last season despite locking Mary in her closet all year but the first half of this season Jen felt particularly removed from the group, Heather took a backseat and Jennie wasn't very well integrated. Now the dynamics feel stilted and like we're watching two/three clusters of women interacting from adjacent social circles.

I'm not giving up on Whitney yet but she does need to pivot somehow. She wasn't helped by the consistently weird energy that permeates her solo scenes with her brother.
The show is a mess this season but I'm not hating it? Lisa, Mary, & Angie are giving enough chaos that it's still weirdly compelling to watch. However, if we didn't have the inevitable Jen drama, I dread what this season would've turned out to be.

I think they should cut Jennie next year and either make Angie full time, or find someone messier who can take over. I think the cast is mostly solid, but they're missing someone who really knows how to instigate drama. Send Gizelle Bryant on a 2 month vacation to Salt Lake City and we can get things cooking.
I think the last three episodes have been pretty solid but I agree that the cast feels disjointed.

A lack of group scenes is definitely to blame, we've only had the Vegas party and last week's event where everyone was present and we're 8 episodes in. Compare it to Beverly Hills where they have a cast event almost every episodes. It's also mad that Heather and Lisa haven't had a sit down despite clashing hard at the reunion. It's like each cast member only interacts with two other cast members and not the rest. It doesn't feel like a friend group.

In short; the show needs a Tamra Judge. Jennie should be axed and they need to tell Mary to at least pretend she likes her cast mates because right now (post-filming) Meredith is the only person she's somewhat friendly with, otherwise demote her. Sawry!
Yeah, the lack of group scenes has been the biggest issue this season but hopefully we're getting that fixed with Jen's arrest and the cast trip coming up.

I definitely think Mary is in danger of being iced-out/fired after this season. Her and Jen despise each other, her and Lisa obviously aren't going to end up in a good place with the cult-exposé, and after the season she has fought with Heather, Whitney, and Jennie on social media. She is entertaining to watch because of how unhinged she is, but she's also a big part of why the cast feels so fragmented.
The fans have been overwhelmingly positive towards Mary though - I can't imagine her leaving unless it's on her own accord. Perhaps they can replace Jennie with someone Mary is close to in real life to act as sort of a bridge to the other ladies.
Yeah I can't see Mary leaving despite her being a hinderance to overall chemistry. While it would be incredibly frustrating to see Asian representation cut down to potentially just Crystal with Dallas also shelved, Jennie feels like the most obvious out. Her solo storyline is painting her as a sympathetic character temporarily but her husband's on screen reputation is basically nuked and that viral video of her niece probably isn't helping her case.
I don't know if anyone here stans Whtiney, but she is so weak and despite Lisa truly setting up her own scenes - Whitney still feels like an ultimate try-hard!
I don't know if anyone here stans Whtiney, but she is so weak and despite Lisa truly setting up her own scenes - Whitney still feels like an ultimate try-hard!
Thank you, she was unjustly named the 'gay icon' of the show by whoever decided to lie to her and I feel like she's trying so hard to be this funny likeable gurl, but she's nothing of the sort.