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The Real Housewives of Salt Lake City

Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by strangekin, Apr 29, 2020.

  1. Lisa Barlow is the real producer!!
  2. Can't believe she hates this iconic picture. The wide eyes, the pout, it's so camp.[​IMG]
  3. I'm convinced Lisa Barlow is our karmic gift for watching RHONY go down in flames.
  4. Whew!

    I’m just going on the record that I believe all the rumors that the next two episodes will be All Time HWs Classics!
  5. Mary is the most fascinatingly watchable character on TV at this point.
  6. Glad to see Bad Weather's attempt to be buddy-buddy with Mary on camera backfire.

    We all know Mary doesn't have any friends.
  7. I honestly hate this season and everyone except Lisus Barlegend and Sarah Paulson is annoying. Sorry Mormons!
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  8. How many times are the same people going to come to this thread to post the same thing about how they hate this season while adding absolutely nothing new to their opinions and comments about it? We hear you! We got it! If you have anything new to add about why you don't like it feel free to discuss but otherwise... We know!
  9. Can I touch?
  10. Let them have it sis! This cast is still great and I’ve found the season entertaining so far.
  11. There have been a couple great episodes but there’s a lot riding on the second half of the season. Someone besides Meredith needs to give Lisa’s back a break from carrying!
  12. I feel like this season is similar to an old school housewives season and I don’t mind it. I understand why people are impatient though. The promo literally only covered the second half of the season so everybody is waiting for those moments.

    I think much like the older series, they’ll benefit in the long run from a more organic start. I like that they don’t have many all cast events and meet up in groups that make sense. By developing real relationships it’ll help going into a season three so they can actually be together.
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  13. Apparently tonight’s episode is 2 hours long. Americunties, is this true?
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  14. It's an hour and a half - the last half hour is WWHL.
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  15. I hope everyone here who called for Mary to be fired is eating their words now!
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  16. Holy fuck that ENDING.

    This season was slow to start but this episode had everything. I want to unpack that Whitney/Mary fight but the pacing of the cops showing up has me shook. They were giving us action movie.
  17. The whole thing was stupid.
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  18. Uno


    The last 15min were EVE•RY•THING I was eating it up.

    The girls caught onto Jen within milliseconds and were ready and willing to dig the dirt - I’m HERE for it. What should’ve happened to Erika is finally coming to realization and I’m rooting for the girls to be relentless.
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